New IBM TRIRIGA capabilities announced, will enable flexible workplaces

New IBM TRIRIGA capabilities announced, will enable flexible workplaces
The Siliconreview
01 Febuary, 2021

IBM’s innovative solution for workplace space management IBM TRIRAGA has been helpful for many enterprises as offices begin to open. The solution can help with space planning, and in creating a safe and efficient workplace that adheres to physical and social distancing norms. Now, IBM has added new capabilities to the solution that includes dynamic space planning, indoor wayfinding, and a virtual assistant.

Flexibility may become the norm in the workplace as we try to move forward post the year of the pandemic. With news of vaccines, companies are now considering a flexible return-to-work strategies and hybrid work environments, which will focus on digital transformation. To enable this, IBM TRIRIGA’s new capabilities will provide a single integrated platform to support short-term return-to-work goals as well as longer-term initiatives.

“TRIRIGA generates powerful insights that can help organizations as they return employees to the office, while still finding new ways to build a flexible workplace for the future,” said Kendra DeKeyrel, director IBM TRIRIGA offering management. IBM has collaborated with Cisco and Esri to expand TRIRIGA’s capabilities, including Indoor Mapping Powered by Esri ArcGIS Indoors, Dynamic Space Planning, Density Heat Mapping, and TRIRIGA Assistant.