Bouygues launches a brand new IoT project for its construction sector

Bouygues launches a brand new IoT project for its construction sector
The Siliconreview
16 March, 2021

Bouygues  Construction Matériel (BCM), a French-based construction company, in a recent announcement has stated that it is about to install more than 20,000 pieces of equipment in an IoT (Internet of Things) project whose primary aim is to equip the units in real-time remote management and to optimize the construction capabilities. BCM manages the entire equipment fleet of this project, which consists of tens of thousands of units.

The IoT project will involve many employees, who mainly monitor the equipment's across a minimum of five technical bases in more than a thousand company sites. The firm will use a turnkey solution developed by Omniscient and multi-technology geolocation tracking sensors from Abeeway, a subsidiary of the connective technology company Actility. These sensors will be installed on every Bouygues fleet of bungalows and consoles.

The company's B20 formwork is being utilized on the main components of its tower cranes. The new technology uses patented low-power GPS, configured with multimodal behavior and location resolution algorithms. This system is also equipped with long-life batteries. The sensors' GPS data is analyzed and processed by digital specialist Omniscient through its site operation platform to utilize the turnover rate.