Four betting features that you may not find on most apps

Four betting features that you may not find on most apps
The Siliconreview
11 March, 2021

Betting on the go plays a vital role in the iGaming industry. A few years ago, there weren’t that many people who used their mobile phones to bet on sports and play casino games. However, almost everyone does this nowadays because most gamblers have a busy lifestyle that does not allow them to have access to a computer all the time.

Once you start looking for a new gambling operator, one of the first things you have to check is whether it has an app or a mobile site. Most brands only have a mobile website, which shouldn’t come as a surprise because it is cheaper to create, and it offers pretty much the same things. Nevertheless, using an app is more convenient, which is why most punters prefer to find an operator that allows them to do that.

This article will try to show you some of the betting features that you probably won’t have access to once you download the app. In other words, you should check those things before you start betting.

  1. Cash Out

The first betting feature revolutionized online gambling. Luckily, after you read the coral app - download and install guide, you will be able to take advantage of it, regardless if you use the app or the mobile site.

Cash Out is an option used by punters that allows them to settle their bet before the event is over. Depending on the match’s potential outcome, cash out may either give you some of the money you used to bet with or most of your winnings.

  1. Live Betting

One of the reasons why betting on sports became so popular is because most websites allow their clients to wager on live events. This gives them access to special markets and odds that are not available in the “normal” sportsbook.

Unfortunately, some betting operators do not have enough resources to optimize their In-Play section. That’s why some gaming applications won’t allow you to wager on live events, regardless of whether you use Android or iOS.

  1. Editing your bet

One of the newest features that you could have access to on some gambling operators is called edit bet. This is something that you will use if you want to change certain things about your bet after you already placed it. In other words, you can use it to fix a mistake.

Although this thing is really helpful, you won’t find it on most betting operators. What’s more, most bookies that have implemented this feature into their desktop sites have not optimized it for their apps/mobile sites yet.

  1. Bet insurance

The last feature that we want to include in this article is called Bet Insurance. This is probably the rarest option on this list because there are only a few betting sites that have managed to optimize it for their mobile applications.

Keep in mind that some bookies may give you access to this feature if you use their mobile site.