Lexus launches the teaser of its new concept car ahead of its launch

Lexus launches the teaser of its new concept car ahead of its launch
The Siliconreview
29 March, 2021

Lexus, the most renowned automaker Toyota's luxury vehicle division, has launched a new concept car teaser. The automaker has stated that it is a brand makeover, and it has decided to reveal its latest concept car way before its launch. The firm has also stated that it has not yet named its car but has launched its first-look. The car looks sleek with a high-riding sedan look.

Keeping its traditional look intact, Lexus' new car comes with a big grill, L badge, and ultra-based LED accent lights. The firm aims to bring the more futuristic approach to its unique concept car. Thereby it will have an auto-drive system incorporated with a horizontal light bar look. The brand badge is not seen. Instead, the company's name "Lexus" is spelled out on the new car's rear.

The company has not revealed anything about the interior features. But automobile experts have stated that it will be an all-electric vehicle with a futuristic Artificial Intelligence approach. The experts have also said that the car looks similar to the Polestar 2. The car embodies the Polestar 2 Sedan-as-crossover look pretty well. As per the recent reports, Lexus plans to reveal more details about the all-new concept car on March 30.