Motorola to launch three brand new smartwatches this year

Motorola to launch three brand new smartwatches this year
The Siliconreview
02 March, 2021

Motorola Mobility LLC, marketed as Motorola, American consumer electronics and Telecommunications Company, has been an important part of the mobile industry's history beyond just smartphones. Now the company is focusing on making smartwatches; it's Moto 36, the first smartwatch to dare to have a circular body than the standard square chassis. Though the company took a break from making wearables, it is now coming back with not one but three Smartwatches this year.

The company has announced that it will be launching three new smartwatches with an ultimate design and improved technology. The Moto G smartwatch is released this June with a unique circular design and will have two buttons on one side. The brand is said to be marketed as a mid-range wearable. It is said to be closer to a purer wear OS experience, just like the Motorola One phones and Android One model.

It is new and also unique to see a resurgence of OS smartwatches among smartphone OEMs. Perhaps the most exciting part is that Motorola will be offloading more of its brand to other companies, starting the road to a licensing business akin to what brands like BlackBerry and Samsung did a few years ago, with respect to its smartwatches.