Volvo Cars partners with EcarX to develop new infotainment technology

Volvo Cars partners with EcarX to develop new infotainment technology
The Siliconreview
26 March, 2021

Swedish most renowned auto manufacturer Volvo and tech firm EcarX in a recent announcement, has stated that they are all set to develop an infotainment system platform jointly. It will be based on Volvo Car's current infotainment architecture through this new joint venture. With this, both the companies will aim to expedite their development programs, improve their cost efficiency, and create new revenue streams.

Volvo's latest car infotainment system is one of the best on the market, which will create a new user experience. Through this joint venture with EcarX, Volvo can speed up its development and bring innovative and high-quality infotainment systems to more cars. It will also focus on maximizing incentives for companies and developers to create and enable great services and build robust apps for the platform's users.

The firm aims to integrate this new system into Volvo and Polestar models first with unique user interfaces. EcarX will be the exclusive partner for integration as well as for the commercialization process of the platform into other vehicles worldwide. Besides, Volvo and EcarX are investigating the possibilities of using EcarX's hardware which will be integrated with the infotainment system.  This joint partnership will pave the way to bring global consumers connected to the infotainment experiences.