Northvolt Partners With Fluence to Develop Grid-Scale Battery Storage Technology

Northvolt Partners With Fluence to Develop Grid-Scale Battery Storage Technology
The Siliconreview
22 April, 2021

Northvolt, a battery gigafactory startup, has stated that it will form a partnership with Fluence, an energy storage technology provider, to develop next-generation battery technology for grid-scale storage applications. The co-development of grid storage technology will draw on Fluence's long-standing experience in the sector. It has already been the space for almost a decade as AES Energy Storage. It has since gone on to become one of the leading players in the energy storage system integration and technology space.

This partnership between Northvolt and Fluence will see them developing battery hardware and battery management systems (BMS) optimized for energy storage solutions. Both the companies aim to lower the cost of energy storage using digital intelligence integrated into the full battery lifecycle. As grid-scale energy storage will play a crucial role in transforming energy storage, this partnership will deliver technology with significant societal and environmental benefits.

Both the companies have stated that as part of the agreement, Fluence will also buy batteries produced by Northvolt, which aims to produce 150GWh of cells annually by 2030. This deal will help Fluence avoid potential pitfalls for its rivals in the stationary energy storage system (ESS) industry. Northvolt has also said that it intends to have the most sustainably produced batteries of its manufacturer, which could help its ESS partner meet growing requirements.