Pfizer Begins Export of US-Made COVID-19 Vaccines to Mexico

Pfizer Begins Export of US-Made COVID-19 Vaccines to Mexico
The Siliconreview
30 April, 2021

Pfizer Inc., an American multinational pharmaceutical corporation, has stated that it has begun the shipment of the COVID-19 vaccine to Mexico. It includes doses made in its US plant at Pfizer's Kalamazoo, Michigan. The vaccine export marks the first time the drugmaker has delivered abroad the US facilities. The US government was under mounting pressure to provide surplus vaccines to other nations in dire need as it makes swift progress vaccinating its residents.

Many countries have been trying to stock up the COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna Inc. as they showed extremely high efficacy towards the virus. It is reported that Pfizer has shipped more than 10 million doses of vaccine to Mexico so far, becoming its largest supplier of the vaccine. Also, Pfizer and German partner BioNTech SE have been supplying vaccines to other countries from its main European production plant in Belgium.

Pfizer has stated that it will use extra capacity in its US facilities to produce more vaccines and deliver shots abroad while continuing to meet its commitment to supply the United States. The drugmaker will also make shipments from Belgium. Pfizer will be making up to 25 million shots every week in the United States, and the company expects to produce as many as 2.5 billion vaccine doses in 2021.