Construction Robotics Firm Dusty Raises a $16.5 million Series a Funding

Construction Robotics Firm Dusty Raises a $16.5 million Series a Funding
The Siliconreview
22 June, 2021

Dusty Robotics, a Bay Area-based construction robotics company, in a recent press meet, has stated that it has raised a total of $16.5 million Series A funding to improve its R&D sector. The funding was led by Canaan Partners and featuring NextGen Venture Partners, Baseline Ventures, Root Ventures, and Cantos Ventures. The Series A round brings the startup's total funding up to $23.7 million.

Dusty Robotics will be expanding its fleet of robots and building more robots to service the customer's demand. The pandemic has helped accelerate some of the already existing demand. Besides, markets are incredibly active and evolving quickly. With this, the company is now improving its autonomous bot used by Swinerton, DPR Construction, Build Group, and Pankow Builders.

The company recently has released the third-generation hardware platform, which was designed from the ground up by its team in Mountain View. It is purpose-built for producing accurate and speedy layouts on construction sites. The firm is also working on this product since the fall of 2018 and has incorporated lessons learned from completing over 1 million square feet of production layout into this third-generation design.