Digital marketing is now streamlined by Evocalize

Digital marketing is now streamlined by Evocalize
The Siliconreview
03 June, 2021

A collaborative marketing platform provider (CMP), Evocalize rolled out a blueprint within CMP platform concentrating on Agent Recruiting. The new feature is being used by Exit Reality which has the capacity to enable 550 local brokers and around 20,000 agents to operate digital marketing programs automatically on Google Display Network (GDN).

“Giving our agents the ability to quickly and easily build and activate agent recruiting-focused ads in Google will be critical in helping them to find the best talent in their markets, and ultimately build their business and market share,” said Samantha Morris, vice president of marketing, Exit Realty.

Blueprints have everything required by modern firms’ right from real estate, mortgage, wealth management, and insurance. Exit Reality has an association with Evocalize since 2019, and is leveraging a unique gallery of Blueprints within its collaborative marketing platform.

“This new Agent Recruiting Blueprint makes it easy and affordable for our agents and brokers to customize and activate digital ads. For as little as a few hundred dollars a month, we’ve had agents be able to recruit several employees a month, which is exponentially better than our previous recruiting methods,” said Morris.