Microsoft Reveals New Xbox Wireless Controllers, Space Jam 2

Microsoft Reveals New Xbox Wireless Controllers, Space Jam 2
The Siliconreview
28 June, 2021

Microsoft has unleashed its most anticipated Xbox wireless controller—'Space Jam 2: A New Legacy', and it will be available by July. Space Jam 2 is a limited-edition set of Xbox Wireless Controllers primarily based on the Looney Tunes film, which will be available before the film's premiere. According to Xbox, the all-new wireless controller will support iOS devices that will be introduced in the future.

The controller is powered by four AA batteries which last for up to 40 hours. Space Jam: A New Legacy will also be available for early access for players who have a Game Pass, according to Xbox. A New Legacy of Space Jam will be available in three types of Xbox Wireless Controllers: Tune Squad, Server-verse, and Goon Squad. The company has stated that by July 8, all three versions will be available for $69.99 each.

Customized controllers also cost $69.99, which is $10 more than the standard controllers.  The orders will be sent 28 days after they are placed. And the service for the new Space Jam 2 is currently available in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The controller also works with Windows 10 PCs and iOS and Android devices.