Putin should face trial for th...


Putin should face trial for the war Crime this year, according to a leading attorney

Crime this year
The Silicon Review
02 January, 2023

The man who led the case against former Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic thinks that Russian President Vladimir Putin should be tried for war crimes in Ukraine this year.

Sir Geoffrey Nice stated that Vladimir Putin was “guilty” for attacking civilian targets during the war. The British lawyer was surprised that prosecutors and politicians didn’t “make this clearer in a much more direct way.” Russia has denied involvement in war crimes.

As civilians were targeted and attacked, Sir Geoffrey described Moscow’s actions during the invasion as “crime against humanity” while speaking on Radio 4’s Broadcasting House program. Crimes against humanity are regarded as among the gravest violations of the so-called “rules of war”. International agreements like the Geneva Conventions have rules that make it illegal to attack civilians or things that are necessary for their survival.

Since their full scale invasion of the neighbor country in February, the international community has accused Moscow’s troops of thousands of violations. More than 62,000 war crimes including the deaths of over 450 children have been documented according to the prosecutor general of Kyiv.