Cane toad found in Queensland,...


Cane toad found in Queensland, Australia is setting record

Cane toad found in Queensland
The Silicon Review
20 January, 2023

In a jungle in northern Australia, a cane toad was discovered it was so enormous that wildlife inspectors believed it to be fake.

The "monster" specimen, which weighs 2.7 kg and is six times larger than the typical toad, might set a new world record. The creature, known as "Toadzilla," was soon captured and taken from its natural habitat. Since they were initially brought to Australia in 1935, toads have become one of the most destructive pests there, with an estimated 2 billion of them living there now.

While on patrol in Queensland, park ranger Kylee Gray first came upon the enormous amphibian and couldn't believe what she was seeing. She reportedly told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that she has never seen something so large. The nearly resembled a football with legs. Her squad swiftly apprehended Toadzilla, who they thought was a female, and went back to base to weigh her. Although they anticipated she would be heavy, they were shocked to learn she could break a world record.

A pet toad named Prinsen from Sweden set the current Guinnes World Record for the largest toad in 1991 with a weight of 2.65 kg. According to Ms. Gray, this enormous animal probably gained weight by eating tiny mammals, reptiles, and insects.