ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Leading the Way in AI-Driven 3D Modeling for Ecommerce Leading the Way in AI-Driven 3D Modeling for Ecommerce
The Siliconreview
12 April, 2023

With its breakthrough generative AI technology, is poised to revolutionize 3D modeling applications, particularly in the fast-growing e-commerce industry, and emerge as a leader. The recent advent of ChatGPT, a sophisticated chatbot and trained language model, revolutionized the world of AI, bringing its vast potential and attention to the collective forefront of users and investors. portfolio of products and patents gives the company a head start and maintain a competitive edge while increasing its footprints and executing its vision and strategy.'s AI-powered product offerings explicitly focused on 3D modeling for e-commerce serve a massive Total Addressable Market (TAM) and Serviceable Addressable Market (SAM). The estimated market size of the 3D modeling for e-commerce space is around $100 billion within the $5.5 trillion global e-commerce industry. With its suite of innovative products, is already a preferred 3D model supplier for the e-commerce behemoth Amazon’s private label products. The company can leverage its success with Amazon to enter untapped new market segments. "We are excited to be at the forefront of this leading-edge technology and look forward to continuing to drive innovation in the industry," stated Evan Gappelberg, CEO of has achieved a major generative AI breakthrough in 3D model texture creation, allowing it to further diversify its 3D/AR businesses, including,, and The Company has filed and will continue to file several more patents for its innovative technology in 2023.

One of these patents covers's proprietary AI-based technology for 3D model creations using the composition of deformable parts. This technology is now covered under US patent application # 17/874,992. The Company has been building tens of thousands of high-quality, fully textured, photo-realistic 3D assets, with hundreds of thousands of individual parts harvested into its AI-powered 3D part library. This library is expected to hold millions of unique parts in the future. By searching, assembling, and using this part library, can create new 3D models quickly and efficiently.

Nima Shashar, CTO of, commented, "Our technology shows over 720-fold improvement in speed. With this technology, we will revolutionize the 3D modeling industry and make it possible to create photo-realistic 3D models as digital replicas of real-world products with ease and efficiency, with the ability to meet the demand for 3D models on a global scale. I'm very excited to see this technology's impact on the industry, and I look forward to working with customers to bring their 3D models to life". has also filed its second patent for converting 2D photos to 3D models. This patent, titled "Fixed-point diffusion for robust 2D to 3D conversion and other applications," uses fixed-point diffusion for learning to construct 3D models from 2D reference photos. The technology starts with simpler objects and individual parts before expanding to more complex multi-part objects. This builds on the Company's previous patents, including "Generative AI for 3D Model Creation from 2D Photos using Stable Diffusion with Deformable Template Conditioning" and "Creating Complex 3D Models by Parts." These fixed-point diffusion models enable to offer a reliable and innovative way to generate 3D models at scale from 2D reference photos.'s pioneering technology is transforming the 3D modeling industry, increasing the speed of 3D model creation and making it possible to create photo-realistic 3D models as digital replicas of real-world products with ease and efficiency. These many new patent applications highlight the company's commitment to driving innovation and growth in generative AI, positioning as a leader in the industry. 

The preferred supplier status to the e-commerce giant Amazon's private label listings offers tremendous growth opportunities for Amazon's share of the US e-commerce market is a whopping 45%, and it has an inventory of about 12 million items across all its categories and services –’s SAM. The listings of all the items, including the offerings from Marketplace sellers, is a whopping 350 million, offering massive upside potential for

With the increasing popularity of e-commerce globally,'s services are becoming more valuable. Most Amazon sellers use multiple platforms to sell on, reflecting the marketplace's increasing competition. believes Amazon sellers will require 3D models to compete effectively with private labels on various platforms they sell on, creating enormous additional market opportunities and expanding SAM for the company.

The e-commerce revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of 11.51%  (CAGR 2023-2027), resulting in a projected market volume of US$6.35tn by 2027.'s innovative AI-powered 3D modeling product portfolio solutions and partnership with the Amazon platform offering hundreds of millions of product listings, position the company to capitalize on the e-commerce trend while providing an excellent runway for ongoing growth.

For investors looking for a technology leader within Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3D, and AR, microcap company, (CSE:NTAR) (OTCQX:NEXCF) (FSE: EP2) could be an excellent investment. is a standout leader in 3D modeling for the e-commerce space. With its breakthrough AI technology, the company is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing $5.5 Trillion e-commerce industry. For investors looking to enter and participate in the commercialization of the AI technology trend, presents a unique investment opportunity. 

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