Mark Cuban Loses Nearly $870,0...


Mark Cuban Loses Nearly $870,000 in a Crypto Scam

Crypto Mark Cuban
The Silicon Review
18 September, 2023

None of Mark Cuban’s other accounts were compromised.

American entrepreneur, investor, film producer and TV personality Mark Cuban has reportedly lost approximately $870,000 due to a crypto scam that unfolded on September 15th. The scam saw suspicious activities within the MetaMask  cryptocurrency wallet, named ‘Mark Cuban 2’ on EtherScan, which had remained dormant for over five months. Wazz, an on-chain investigator, identified the scam and took to social media to share the discovery. Cuban subsequently confirmed the loss of five Ethereum (ETH) tokens, worth approximately $8,170 at current market prices, as well as other cryptocurrencies and tokens. He acknowledged that the scam resulted from his downloading of a version of MetaMask that contained malicious code.

 The scam happened when Cuban accessed his account via his mobile phone intending to perform maintenance. He only knew of the illicit activity when contacted by DL News. Since then, he has taken immediate action to secure his other investments, either by transferring them to alternative platforms or by locking them up. None of Mark Cuban’s other accounts were compromised. This incident is a reminder of the risks inherent in the crypto space, even for high-profile investors, and of the importance of maintaining vigilance and practising stringent security measures in the world of digital assets.