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LikeRE.com announced the relea...


LikeRE.com announced the release of their AI Powered Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

LikeRE.com AI Powered Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System
The Silicon Review
27 March, 2024

LikeRE envisions digitally uniting industry experts within a single platform to foster improved communication and enhanced marketing efficacy

LikeRE, Inc. has unveiled an AI-powered Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system tailored for both residential and commercial real estate sectors. This innovative system, known as LikeRE Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), will be accessible to real estate professionals via a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription model. The LikeRE.com ERP system is a comprehensive business management solution designed to streamline various aspects of real estate operations. From accounting and finance to customer relations, inventory management, and e-marketing, the cloud-based platform offers a centralized hub for managing diverse functions. Additionally, the ERP system will facilitate the management of all operations within companies acquired and owned by LikeRE, Inc.

Commenting on the launch, LikeRE president Beau LaPoint stated, "We have been diligently preparing for the introduction of our AI-powered ERP system ahead of our company's public debut and the completion of our merger and acquisition initiatives initiated in 2023." LaPoint emphasized the system's ability to enhance operational efficiency and profitability across the conglomerate while enabling effective micromanagement of individual entities under LikeRE. LikeRE.com, Inc. endeavors to establish itself as a prominent technology platform within the residential and commercial real estate sectors across the United States. Founded by industry professionals, the LikeRE platform aims to revolutionize how real estate professionals connect, communicate, learn, and expand their businesses in an era driven by advancements in AI and blockchain technologies.