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Michael Kors joined the FashionVerse mobile game

Michael Kors FashionVerse mobile game
The Silicon Review
08 March, 2024

Kevin Segalla expressed excitement for Hilfiger Ventures' vision of FashionVerse as a platform for global brands to engage with their audience

FashionVerse, the interactive mobile fashion game driven by AI technology developed by Hilfiger Ventures, co-founded by renowned fashion designers Tommy Hilfiger and Joe Lamastra, in collaboration with game publisher Tilting Point, has introduced its latest collaboration with American fashion label Michael Kors. This special collaboration, running until March 10th, will transport players into the realm of the "Michael Kors woman" within the FashionVerse universe. Inspired by Michael Kors' recent spring collection, players will partake in daily scenarios, such as airport travel, office setups, and photoshoots, while styling a diverse array of characters. Participants will have the chance to outfit their models in authentic Michael Kors accessories and clothing, including dresses, rompers, outerwear, handbags, footwear, and sunglasses.

Upon successful completion of all five challenges, players will earn an exclusive digital handbag from the Michael Kors brand. Since its launch just six weeks ago, FashionVerse has amassed over a million downloads and seen the creation of nearly 5 million unique scenes by players. The game has demonstrated impressive user engagement metrics, with longer play sessions and high retention rates compared to previous fashion gaming titles. FashionVerse represents an innovative fusion of fashion and gaming, originating from Tommy Hilfiger's original concept and utilizing Brandible's state-of-the-art AI technology to render lifelike 3D avatars, environments, and props. The platform provides a virtual space where individuals can unleash their creativity and design skills.