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Tulane University embarked on ...


Tulane University embarked on Next-Gen Oracle Cloud Transformation with Drivestream

Tulane University Next-Gen Oracle Cloud Transformation
The Silicon Review
28 March, 2024

With Drivestream, Tulane University embarks on a strategic Oracle Cloud journey, enhancing its educational landscape

In a significant step towards advancing its technological capabilities and operational efficiency, Tulane University has teamed up with Drivestream to facilitate its transition to Oracle Cloud. This collaborative effort represents a substantial stride forward, leveraging Oracle Cloud's extensive suite of services, including Fusion HCM Cloud, ERP Cloud, EPM Cloud, and the Oracle Analytical Warehouse. The adoption of Oracle Cloud solutions by Tulane University underscores its dedication to cultivating an innovative and streamlined university operational model. By integrating these cutting-edge cloud services, Tulane aims to revolutionize its approach to human capital management, enterprise resource planning, performance evaluation, and data analytics.

The partnership revolves around three key service offerings from Drivestream: planning, implementation, and ongoing production support of Oracle Cloud applications. These services will provide Tulane with a robust framework for deploying and managing Oracle Cloud technologies effectively. The agreement encompasses various applications and modules carefully selected to align with Tulane's strategic objectives, particularly within human capital management, enterprise resource planning, and enterprise performance management. This strategic approach aims to enhance operational efficiencies and offer scalable solutions to meet Tulane's evolving requirements. This transformative endeavor underscores Tulane University's commitment to embracing innovative solutions to enhance its educational and administrative functions. Leveraging Drivestream's expertise in Oracle Cloud solutions, Tulane is poised to achieve a seamless transition, driving the university towards a future characterized by heightened efficiency and innovation.