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US banned trading with Canadia...


US banned trading with Canadian Network Intelligence Firm Sandvine

US Canadian Network Intelligence Firm Sandvine
The Silicon Review
05 March, 2024

The US government has added Canadian network intelligence firm Sandvine to its Entity List

The Waterloo, Ontario-based firm offers network policy control products designed to facilitate networking policies, including congestion management, security measures, and censorship protocols. Recently, the US Department of Commerce disclosed that Sandvine has been placed on its trade restrictions list due to its provision of technology to the Egyptian government, enabling mass surveillance and censorship activities. The decision was prompted by evidence indicating that Sandvine supplies deep packet inspection technology to the government of Egypt. This technology is utilized for widespread web monitoring and censorship, targeting news outlets and individuals engaged in political activism or human rights advocacy.

The US government has listed Sandvine in its entity list under six different entries, encompassing the company's operations in Canada, India, Japan, Malaysia, Sweden, and the United Arab Emirates. Consequently, organizations are prohibited from engaging in trade with Sandvine or providing it with goods or technology. Responding to an inquiry from SecurityWeek, Sandvine acknowledged the US Commerce Department's action and expressed a commitment to collaborating with government officials to address their concerns. The company emphasized its dedication to supporting its customers, underscoring the role of Sandvine Solutions in ensuring a reliable and secure Internet environment. In addition to Sandvine, China's Chengdu Beizhan Electronics was also added to the Entity List for its involvement in procuring US-origin items on behalf of the University of Electronic Science and Technology, which is implicated in aiding China's nuclear weapons program.