10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Companies 2019

10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Companies 2019


Company Management Description

STERIS Instrument Management Services

Kevin Holder,

Managing Director

STERIS Instrument Management Services helps our Customers create a healthier and safer world with a firm commitment to patient care. Through the provision of a world class end-to-end surgical instrument and device management service, because the patient comes first and always.

Acadia Healthcare

Debbie Osteen, CEO Acadia Healthcare’s behavioral health treatment facilities are specialized in helping children, teenagers, and adults suffering from mental health disorders and/or alcohol and drug addiction. 

Organovo Holdings, Inc.,

Taylor J. Crouch,

CEO, & President

Organovo Holdings, Inc., is a biotech platform company that has developed a leadership position with its revolutionary ability to 3D bioprint tissues with human functionality.

Rethink Autism

Daniel Etra,

Co-founder & CEO

Rethink is a global health technology company providing cloud-based treatment tools, training and clinical supports for individuals with developmental disabilities and their caregivers.

Mylene Yao, M.D.,

Co-founder, & CEO

The Univfy Pre IVF Report and the Univfy-Powered IVF Refund Program dramatically improve the experience of patients, expand the affordability of having several IVF treatments and maximize women's chances of having a healthy baby with IVF.
Black Book Research

Doug Brown, Founder,

President, & Managing Partner

Black Book (TM) is the premier provider of competitive intelligence, market research, opinion mining, sentiment analysis, services evaluation and strategic consulting services to companies worldwide. 


Patrick Treacy,

Co-founder, President, & CEO

At ONKOS SURGICAL, the team believes Individuals with cancer requiring surgery deserve solutions designed specifically for them.

Ravi Amble,

Founder, President, & CEO

With Suquino teleclinic at your disposal, you can avail clinical monitoring, and provide “live” consultation and diagnosis. With a mobile and portable Telehealth Bus connecting to multi-vendor devices, you have a powerful system to help with real-time, diagnostic-level examination from various locations.

Empiric Health

Rick Adam, CEO Empiric Health is a technology-enabled service platform that lowers costs and improves outcomes for health system customers through data-driven physician practice change. 
Leo Grady, CEO Through cutting edge AI, PAIGE helps pathologists improve the efficacy and efficiency of their work, researchers generate new insights, and clinicians improve patient care.