August Monthly Special 2023

5 Best Ag Tech Companies to Watch 2023


Company Management Description
Renaissance AG
Caleb Wilkins,
Co-founder & CEO
Renaissance Ag is a full-service vertical farm system for year-round premium livestock feed production. We offer sustainable feed solutions for livestock producers, upcycle livestock waste, and partner with world-renowned universities to explore the potential of hydroponic seedlings.
Innoveins Seed Solutions
Niels Peeters,
Innoveins Seed Solutions b.V. is focused on offering seed technology support and research programs for agri-chemicals, seed & field services. The company combines coating, priming & fenotyping expertise with cutting-edge facilities to support specific seed technological challenges and product development.
Full Harvest
Christine Moseley,
Founder & CEO
Full Harvest's vision is a world where there is 0% food waste and 100% 'full harvests', where all edible produce grown goes towards consumption. The company aims to reinvent the produce supply chain with technology to bring the industry online for the first time ever and maximize resources.
Boaz Bachar,
Co-founder & CEO
Fieldin’s smart farm control center gives specialty crop growers unrivaled visibility across all field operations. Its user-friendly dashboard seamlessly reports a full range of field data points to provide managers with actionable data that improves production, transparency and efficiency in the field.
Carrot Ventures
Martin Vetter;
Jim Hardin,
Co-founders & Managing Partners
Carrot sources and vets new technologies, recruits experienced leadership, forms new companies around the tech and talent, and leads the first round of financing. The goal is to offer AgTech IP owners a Third Option to commercialize their IP, and to offer AgTech investors a stream of compelling start-ups to invest in.