July Special Edition 2021

5 Best Risk & Compliance Consulting Firms to Watch 2021


Company Management Description
Rakesh Narasimhan President & CEO Anitian delivers the fastest path to application security and compliance in the cloud. It’s Compliance Automation Platform and SecureCloud DevSecOps Platform help high-growth SaaS companies get applications to market quickly, so they can unlock revenue in weeks, not months or years.
C2C SmartCompliance
Steve Crutchley Founder & CEO C2C SmartCompliance (C2C) is a specialized Governance, Risk and Compliance software and services provider with principals having extensive expertise in information security, risk management, and regulatory/standards compliance across numerous industries.
Jeff Kushner, CMO Allgress enables enterprise risk, security, and compliance professionals the ability to efficiently manage their risk posture. By utilizing advanced visualization, automation, streamlined workflows, and the integration of existing data feeds, Allgress reduces the complexity and cost of risk management.
iptiQ Americas
Kali Marino, CFO iptiQ Americas provides a scalable B2B2C digital insurance engine that you can customize to fit the needs of your customers. The company's services are enabled by data-driven underwriting, state-of-the-art technology and behavioral science.
Origami Risk
Linus Concepcion
Co-founder & Senior Product Engineer 
Origami Risk is a leading provider of integrated SaaS solutions for the risk, compliance, safety, and insurance industries. Highly configurable and completely scalable, Origami delivers a full suite of solutions from a single secure, cloud-based platform accessible via web browser and mobile app.