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A ‘top notch’ Mobility Solutions Provider e-navik Group


The shift to mobile has changed the way people and companies do business. “Our mobility services cover a broad spectrum of mobility needs, from mobility-strategy ideation and device management, to network infrastructure and end-user applications.” e-navik enjoys a solid depth of experience and capabilities to successfully partner with businesses to deliver world-class mobility solutions.

“With the smartphone revolution; Mobility has transformed the way we live today. Its changed world, the way we shop, travel, work, learn, entertain, bank or even make decisions” says Parul Madan, CTO at e-navik. Parul is passionate about technology and values big ideas, creative thinking and teamwork that transform ideas into action. Her steadfast focus on creating shared value with customers has helped e-navik script many success stories since its inception in 2004. Parul is an experienced entrepreneur having co-founded flourishing services initiatives in Europe and India. Over nearly 20 years, Parul has managed and nurtured global customer engagements across Europe, North and South Americas and Australasia.

The e-navik Group provides an integrated service offering in technology, consulting and engineering domains. It boasts a proven track record in development and implementation of world-class business applications for mobile and cloud. e-navik’s expertise in mobility is underpinned by a three-pronged approach to gaining an intrinsic understanding of customer needs, top-notch capability and a value-driven approach that places client success at the heart of everything.Driven by this philosophy, e-navik has partnered with many clients to accelerate the process of continuous application delivery forspeedier project finalization to maximize ROI. In the mobility sphere, e-navik implements application services which comprise strategy, development, managed services and analytics. Its other capabilities include testing services, engineering services and enterprise solutions including mobile enterprise, data transformations and beyond. The Group was established in 2004, now headquartered in Germany and since then has evolved into a successful, global player.

The Group also has offices in Noida, Pune and Trivandrum, offering unsurpassed delivery capability to its clients widely. e-navik capitalizes on the strength of its niche focus and domain expertise in the field of Automotive, Aerospace and Telecommunications.

Delivers Nonpareil Mobility Solutions
e-navik enhances development and implementation of ‘first rate’ business applications for mobile and cloud. e-navik’s contribution in regards to the telecommunication industry is unequivocal, in fact it created a ‘benchmark’ in the mobility environ. The firmhas enabled unified enterprise mobility ecosystems; ensuring flawless and secured integration across one’s corporate systems with a clear motive of delivering value and meaningful applications and mobilizing enterprise wide applications which are both for B2B and B2C e.g. workforce, mobilize existing IT architecture and automating processes e.g. SAP, Oracle, Mainframe, Salesforce and others, assuring easy access on smart phones and tablets.

Consolidation of high-perceived value with low cost delivery, blend of these perfect factors gave shape to the key plank of e-navik’s growth strategy in the long run.The firm provides end-to-end mobility services, likewise; it mobilizes existing architecture through API’s integration encompassing view on data security and data analytics. e-navik not only carries out hybrid app or native app development for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows phone, integration to CRMs or ERP’s ; also helps in defining Mobility Strategy and in conjunction caters services like Web services, web applications, MDM, mobile analytics and more.

“Our experts are equipped with industry specific knowledge enabling e-navik to provide state-of-the-art expertise in accelerated application delivery and life cycle management.” states Parul. In this context, e-navik has already created various applications for the automotive industry by leaving a mark in the ‘cutting edge’ area encircling the technology landscape. Similarly, an app known as flight tracker app which allows drivers to find the nearest airport from the current position, with directions on how to get there using car location detection technology.Another exquisite app creation by e-navik called weather application that provides information on temperature, wind speed, humidity, enabling road safety and awareness by allowing drivers to anticipate dangerous conditions and adapt their driving style. These are just a few among the abundant applications developed and contributed to the diverse sectors by e-navik.

“We are surrounded by rapidly evolving technology. e-navik helps you make the most out of the future, today.If a business has to be successful in today’s world, it has to be agile both in terms of listening and responding to customer needs. Inherently mobility is synonymous with the word agility, and with fast rate of mobile application adoption, creates an environment that helps increasing business agility, enabling companies to move quickly on new opportunities.” says Parul.

Moving forward, e-navik plays a vital role in the education sector by designing and enforcing a unified learning system with capabilities of a learning management system and a mobile learning platform. Perhaps this system ‘speeds up’ communication between tutors and students, and also delivers training material smoothly via online. Eventually, it became a reason of benefit for numerous students as they were able to subscribe to courses through the integrated payment method on web and mobile systems. “This indeed reinforced the perception of high value in clients’ minds, while allowing e-navik to aim its services and product portfolio at addressing the needs of different industries in segments in which it had proven knowhow,” adds Parul.

Contemplating Hereafter
e-navik’s customer centric approach will continue; ensuring that along with the customers they can identify the best solution with and for the customers.

During 2014 e-navik created a mission which stated as, “Harmonize the brand to leverage the value and quality perception of e-navik “which brings the focus for e-navik to shift in collating its recent partnerships under the singular e-navik umbrella.Brand harmonization’s main purpose is to leverage the reputation for high quality and value that e-navik has earned since its inception cutting through the ‘wide-ranging’ spectrum of services across the board.“Brand Harmonization mission is expected to be completed in 2015,” concludes Parul.

“ We are surrounded by rapidly evolving technology. e-navik helps you make the most out of the future, today ”