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Building global organizations and individuals to benefit themselves from IT enablement: Valueadd Softtech & Systems Pvt. Ltd. aka VAST


Out of the many challenges of an evolving business, is the need to provide technology solutions that are adaptive and scalable. More so, the web and mobile applications that a company provides should be designed around how the market operates. It is, thus, necessary to exercise custom application development for every single business, which aims at conceptualizing, designing, building, and maintaining a custom application that can run on any device – and in, on-premise, cloud or hybrid environments. This helps businesses make more informed decisions, collaborate better as teams through synchronized platforms, streamline operations with internal process management tools, and engage its audience in a more meaningful way with digital campaigns.

In this way, Valueadd Softtech & Systems Pvt. Ltd. (VAST) takes care to deliver custom application development solutions that can automate business processes and provide a better ROI to the technology investors.

Valueadd Softtech & Systems Pvt. Ltd. (VAST) is a technology-driven company which focuses on ‘Custom Development’ of Web Apps and Mobile Apps. It is into Open Source technology-based developments (JavaScript, Java) and cloud-based deployments (DevOps). It provides services to design & develop software, for global clients, through its fully equipped offshore development center in Pune, India.

The industry leader in customized application development

After returning from the USA in 2014, Prashant & Kaumudi started a partnership firm, M/S Valueadd Softtech which was later converted into a Private Limited company, Valueadd Softtech & Systems Pvt. Ltd. VAST envisions technology trends in the market and prepares itself with latest technologies to help global businesses adapt & take advantage of the same. It focuses on developing innovative products and solutions for different clients across geographies. Its team of 30+ engineers and researchers have developed and rolled out a complete set of products and solutions for multiple domains e.g. Healthcare, FinTech, Retail and Real Estate. Its key service offerings include -

  • Providing architecture definition, solution validation for large enterprise applications.
  • Participating in technical pre-sales activities by providing MVP as well as solution architecture, based on the requirements and technology landscape.
  • Conducting ad-hoc/planned architecture reviews and providing recommendations to improve performance.
  • Blending innovation, technology and business problem at right phases to provide value.

Building solutions to business problems

VAST is working on US-based healthcare projects at the enterprise and start-up level. Its knowledge and understanding of HIPAA standards and that of the US business, has helped it to deliver results faster and has developed a bond between developers and the business. On the cloud computing side, it is developing cutting-edge solutions for cloud commerce platforms, enabling one-click provisioning and management of VMs with different cloud providers - on-premise as well as public. With a deep understanding of social platforms, it has successfully developed integrated CRM solutions as well as eCommerce and shopping - cart-like solutions for the clients.

Currently, the company’s focus remains strong on Healthcare IT for US & AU markets, having immense expertise in the same. As it moves along, the experience of senior executives in insurance and finance domains will help its clients to remain competent in their businesses by providing them right & timely technical solutions. VAST has successfully worked with start ups in Silicon Valley (USA), and is looking forward to working with fast-paced, highly technical teams in order to produce quality results, faster, with the use of cutting-edge technologies. Some of its clients are Presidio Inc., Rediminds, PSCL, Greentick cars, CurEasy Inc.

Differentiating factors

The following factors have helped VAST to stand out in the market:

  • It has practiced offshore based deliveries for many years, and its prompt and transparent communication helps to find issues early and gives time to address them. These offshore based deliveries result in more work done in less time, enabling work execution round the clock while working with US clients. Delivering from offshore provides a cost-benefit, and the company is able to ramp up and ramp down fast, helping global businesses take calculated risks with respect to their investments in the development of projects.
  • VAST is always on top of technologies. One of the biggest advantage is that Dev & DevOps work together and each project has defined CI / CD pipeline. The established Agile development and DevOps processes have helped to produce definitive deliverables, repetitively and confidently.
  • Resources in VAST are completely hands-on, flexible with respect to timings and communicate directly with clients. Its excellent infrastructure (multiple ISPs with speed up to 100 MBPS) enables resources to connect with client environments via VPN and work directly with them.

The roadmap ahead

“Technology trends are always the area we remain on top of”, says the company. It proactively moved to ReactJS & ReactNative after understanding the potential these component-based technologies have. VAST constantly analyzes and experiments on latest & greatest in the market and adapts to it quickly.

Going forward, the company looks toward handling clients from Europe, while its growth plan with US, AU & UAE remains aggressive. Valueadd Softtech & Systems Pvt. Ltd. (VAST) is proud to convey that all of its clients are very satisfied with its services, punctuality, commitment and communication practices. It has received repetitive business from all of its clients through multiple SOWs, and they have proactively vouched for its services within their business circle, which has led to more business for VAST.

Let’s meet the leaders behind VAST

Prashant Upasani, Director: Prashant is a seasoned technology leader who has worked with fortune 100 clients from both sides of the globe, handling responsibilities from low-level development, design, architecting to accounts & deliveries. Over the period, he has assimilated offshore delivery processes along with agile deliveries, which exactly reflects in how Valueadd Softtech & Systems Pvt. Ltd. operates today. Prashant is responsible for exploring new markets, shaking hands with clients and for bringing delight to their faces.

Sachin Sawant, Principal Architect: Sachin is a technologist with more than 20 years of international experience. He is a proponent of polyglot programming. His professional history as a data specialty, system designer, and architect, instilled in him a sense of IT with the business customer in mind. His specialty is the architecting, designing, and constructing of data management solutions that are properly engineered for their purpose and longevity. His depth of knowledge of databases, big data management, BI software, and microservice architecture allows him to bridge disciplines and provide MVP & Enterprise solutions.

Kaustubh Vaidya, Fullstack Architect: Kaustubh is an experienced, hands-on software architect involved in the architecture, design, and implementation of microservices architectures, service-oriented architectures, and distributed systems. He has been in the software industry since 2004 and has significant experience and expertise in application, integration and enterprise architecture. He excels in designing scalable cloud microservice architectures using OSS technologies on platforms like AWS and Google clouds.

“We take end to end responsibility of products we develop for our clients right from technology choice, architectural design, implementation, deployments on clouds and then support. This has helped our clients to focus on their core business while we take care of technology for them.”