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CalypsoAI – Delivering AI Solutions that are Ready to be Deployed Securely across Business and Society


AI and machine learning are now becoming essential to information security, as these technologies are capable of swiftly analyzing millions of data sets and tracking down a wide variety of cyber threats — from malware menaces to shady behavior that might result in a phishing attack. These technologies continually learn and improve, drawing data from past experiences and present to pinpoint new varieties of attacks that can occur today or tomorrow. AI can be used to spot cyber threats and possibly malicious activities. Traditional software systems simply cannot keep pace with the sheer number of new malware created every week, so this is an area AI can really help with.

CalypsoAI is one such company that accelerates the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by ensuring the security and reporting of Machine Learning (ML) models. It helps its clients accelerate their automated future. To do this, the firm is advancing the science behind Trusted AI, ranging from AI accreditation to defenses against adversarial machine learning attacks. It turns these scientific advancements into actionable software tools. Its software is relied upon to give the ground truth view of AI performance, reliability, and security. The company's software puts the human directly into the AI development and utilization loop by allowing developers and operators deep insight into model behavior while allowing for stress tests and ongoing performance monitoring.

Best-in-Class AI-Based Products Offered

Vespr Validate: Providing decision makers the confidence to enable or accelerate AI. VESPR Validate is a turn-key solution for ensuring your AI models can achieve their goals, securely, in real-world conditions. Evaluate external AI models as part of a model risk management strategy. Ensure the security and compliance of AI built by internal as well as external vendors. VESPR Validate is an integrated model accreditation and model risk management system used to develop, test, and deploy models with validation and security built-in. For the organization, it provides detailed insights into AI in development and implementation. It is built on top of CalypsoAI's industry-leading AI validation, verification, and accreditation (VV&A) standards, the proprietary adversarial machine learning libraries, and CalypsoAI's automated model stress-testing capabilities. These tools give any team the ability to understand, score deeply, and track their AI models' performance and reliability.

Vespr organizations can apply standardized testing and evaluation to all models in their pipeline and environment, providing unparalleled insights into model risk management. Vespr provides powerful monitoring capabilities for AI in use. The built-in monitoring toolkit offers profound insights into the causes of model behaviors while monitoring critical security, drift, and compliance indicators. Vespr provides a development workflow with testing and adversarial machine learning (AML) security built-in. It gives teams structured capabilities to build, test, and deploy Secure AI that is robust against attack. Whether to increase innovation at the edge or focus on up-skilling data science in your organization, Vespr makes AI accessible to less technical users, increasing adoption without sacrificing performance, quality, and security.

Primers on Adversarial Machine Learning: CalypsoAI aims to fix these challenges with Build Secure feature in Vespr. Build Secure allows warfighters to rapidly generate data science models, either using traditional code-based modeling systems or no-code/low-code environments. Using Build Secure in Vespr, teams can generate actionable insights while understanding the quality of the models generated. Perhaps most critically, commanders can easily assess the quality, risks, and performance of models before use while actively monitoring models for adversarial attacks, environmental impacts, or model drift.

The Formidable Leader

Neil Serebryany is the Chief Executive Officer of CalypsoAI. He has led industry-defining innovations throughout his career. From being one of the world’s youngest venture capital investors to the front lines of national security innovation as a DoD civilian, Neil has pushed science and applications forward. Neil holds multiple patents in the space of machine learning.

“Powered by world-class security expertise and deep industry experience, our team hails from the national security community where we have first-hand experience dealing with the world's most pressing challenges.”