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Eric Johnson, Talend CIO: ‘I Look Forward to Helping Internal Teams and Our Customers Navigate the Challenges – Technical and Otherwise – of Becoming more Data-Driven’


“Talend’s single suite of data integration and data integrity apps accelerate the availability of trusted data to all teams.”

While there is no doubt that all businesses are driven by data and its many manifestations – entry, processing and analysis and interpretations – it is equally true that the typical databases that are a legacy of the past are unable to cope with the needs of the modern business environment. This is because there has been a huge surge in volumes of data and most organizations clearly lack suitable infrastructures to deal with it.

In light of the foregoing, we’re thrilled to present Talend.

Talend, a global leader in cloud and big data integration solutions, helps companies turn data into a strategic asset that delivers real-time, organization-wide insight into customers, partners, and operations. Through its open, native, and unified integration platform, Talend delivers the data agility required for companies to meet the constantly evolving demands of modern business. With Talend, companies can easily scale their data infrastructure and rapidly adopt the latest technology innovations in cloud and big data. Talend’s solutions support over 1500 global enterprise customers including AstraZeneca, GE, HP Inc. and Lenovo, across a range of industries. Talend has also been recognized as a leader in its field multiple times by leading analyst firms, as well as several industry and data trade publications including InfoWorld and SD Times.

The company was incorporated in 2005 and is headquartered in Redwood City, California.

Talend: Synopsis

Products: That Make Talend Stand Out from the Competition

Data Integration: Data Integration allows customers to easily integrate, transform and blend data from a wide variety of data sources. Its code generation architecture uses a visual interface to create high-performance Java or SQL code. The solution contains over one thousand connectors to databases, flat files, cloud-based applications and many other types of data. Data Integration includes optional data quality features to profile, cleanse, anonymize and mask data. These optional data features provide data de-duplication, validation, standardization and enrichment that create clean and reliable data for access, reporting and analytics.

Big Data Integration: Big Data Integration provides the same features and functionality as Talend Data Integration product, in addition to specialized support for big data platforms. Its solution generates native code for modern big data systems to run real-time, large-scale data processing. It integrates with Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, NoSQL databases and other big data systems either on-premise or in the cloud. The solution delivers large-scale, high-performance in-memory processing by generating native Spark and Spark Streaming code, thus leveraging the full capabilities of the Hadoop environment. Its support for Spark and Spark Streaming gives it up to five times faster performance than MapReduce, according to internal performance calculations, support for machine learning algorithms, and real-time processing of data streams. This solution can load, transform, enrich and cleanse data inside Hadoop.

Application Integration: Application Integration enables organizations to integrate applications, services and APIs without coding, simplifies complex mapping challenges, and delivers and enforces enterprise security rules. Its solution enables building a service-oriented architecture to connect, mediate and manage services in real-time. The solution is built on extensible open source Enterprise Service Bus and data integration technology. Its data mapper is intuitive and allows the manipulation of complex, legacy and vertical industry data formats with a graphical tool.

Master Data Management: Master Data Management enables customers to build a consistent, 360-degree view of their customers, products, employees and partners. It does this by allowing customers to cleanse, transform and link data from multiple systems together and maintain a consistent record of data. Master Data Management includes a range of data features and a data stewardship console to manage exceptions in master data as they arrive. Once a 360-degree view is built, it can be shared with the relevant business users, inform new types of analytics, or provide clean, trusted data in real-time as new transactions are generated. Master Data Management allows customers to start small and then expand their master data management projects over time.

Cloud Integration: Cloud is an Integration Platform-as-a-Service that enables customers to run and manage Talend Data Fabric products in the cloud or in hybrid scenarios that combine both cloud and on-premise systems. It works seamlessly with Talend Studio so that the same integration flows built to run in Talend Big Data Integration. Talend Integration Cloud allows customers to take advantage of the elasticity of modern cloud platforms by being able to spin up and spin down computing resources as needed.

Data Preparation: Data Preparation allows anyone in information technology (IT) or a business role to access, blend, clean and enrich data with an Excel-like, easy to use point and click user interface. The commercial version of Talend Data Preparation works seamlessly with Talend Big Data

Integration, Talend Data Integration and Talend Integration Cloud so that a business user can create a data preparation process and share it with an IT developer to embed it into a more complex data integration flow. This allows IT organizations to accelerate data warehousing projects by partnering with business users that are experts in the data being processed.

Eric Johnson: An Aspiring Leader

Talend named Eric Johnson as its Chief Information Officer (CIO) in February last year. With more than two decades of global information technology leadership experience, Johnson brings deep expertise scaling IT infrastructures, leading digital transformations and supporting strategic sales. Johnson is responsible for setting the strategic vision and growth of Talend’s global IT organization, including the use of all systems and platforms as it increases its emphasis on the cloud.

“I’m delighted to welcome Eric as our CIO,” said Mike Tuchen, CEO of Talend. “I am confident that Eric’s proven ability to lead and scale global IT organizations will be of tremendous value as Talend aims to continue its rapid growth. He’ll also serve as valued counsel to senior IT leaders as they look to partner with Talend and stay ahead in this rapidly changing, data-driven, and multi-cloud environment.” Mr Tuchen was quoted as saying in a press release.

Johnson is the former CIO of DocuSign, where he built the company’s IT vision and infrastructure design, and led its global organization. Prior to DocuSign, he spent more than a decade at Informatica in increasingly senior IT roles, most recently as senior vice president and CIO. Among other accomplishments, Johnson developed the IT strategy and architecture that supported Informatica’s early migration to becoming a Software-as-a-Service provider.

“I’m excited to be part of a company that’s continually innovating and delivering solutions that help enterprises compete in our rapidly evolving digital economy,” said Eric Johnson, CIO, Talend. “I look forward to helping internal teams and our customers navigate the challenges – technical and otherwise – of becoming more data-driven.” Mr Johnson was quoted as saying in a press release.

Johnson began his career with Deloitte Consulting where he led teams in both San Francisco and Sydney, Australia, specializing in delivering supply chain solutions across high tech, consumer, oil and gas, and other industries. He is a graduate of California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo.

“Talend uses native code generation that lets you run your data pipelines seamlessly across all cloud providers and get optimized performance on all platforms.”