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September Edition 2020

EZ Texting – Setting the standard for business texting platforms with world-class SMS marketing software


As more brands look to target customers on the move, SMS is becoming an increasingly essential part of effective multi-channel marketing. However, with few digital marketing agencies featuring SMS as a core offering, their clients are potentially missing out on communications with customers and increased ROI. All channels must work well together within the marketing mix, and SMS is no exception. SMS is a great standalone channel. However, it also can enhance and support other marketing mediums, such as social media and email. As well as being great on its own, SMS can also function to strengthen and support other popular mediums among consumers, such as social media and email. When businesses think of multi-channel marketing strategies, SMS forms an integral part of it.

EZ Texting is one such firm that has served over 160,000 customers and is the number one SMS marketing software, setting the standard for business texting platforms. Its messaging solutions are featured as a top 20 Best Product for Marketers and allow businesses of all sizes to reach and engage their mobile audiences. EZ Texting is a SaaS company that delivers the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to connect. Backed by Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital, Investor AB, and ROCA Partners, EZ Texting has continuously voted the Best Place to Work.

Next-generation services offered by EZ Texting

Simplified Sales and Promotions: In an increasingly noisy world of decreasing attention spans, you're fighting for your customers' every bit of consideration. Text marketing can cut through the noise effectively and affordably with a 98% engagement rate and pricing for all business needs. The firm creates and promotes contests, quizzes, and sweepstakes that can be an excellent way of generating leads and growing your opt-in list while simultaneously elevating brand recognition and gaining valuable insights into your customer base. Text marketing is a dynamic and affordable way to send coupons and vouchers, which can excite new customers and keep your current clientele engaged. Adding text marketing's dramatic efficiency to your marketing mix is the best way to increase digital coupon redemption.

Customer Service and Support: As the number of communication channels available to consumers increase, customer support becomes correspondingly complicated. However, compared to other communication channels, text message marketing can reduce customer service costs, build customer loyalty, and is an essential ingredient of any omnichannel customer service strategy. The EZ Texting mobile app was built with you in mind. Never miss a lead with push notifications for new messages, reference your full message history, and receive and reply to messages on the go with the iOS app.

Cost-Effective Lead Generation: Using text marketing to acquire new customers is one of the most successful ways to leverage the EZ Texting platform. Build out your marketing list using a custom Keyword, brand existing, or new dedicated number in the same way you would your website; and convert your email list and website visitors to text subscribers to launch multi-channel marketing campaigns. Its built-in web sign-up easily converts email subscribers and website users to SMS opt-ins. Converting current audience members to text subscribers is a smart way to turn leads into paying customers. Plus, it means you can combine SMS communications with email marketing, website sales and promos, and more traditional advertising like radio spots and direct mail.

Dedicated Short Codes: A shortcode is a five- or six-digit number that subscribers can use in conjunction with a Keyword to opt into mobile marketing campaigns. EZ Texting offers an upgrade for customers to rent a dedicated vanity shortcode that can be customized, like "vanity" license plates. Because shortcodes are easy to remember, they are perfect for growing your mobile subscriber list. For high-volume senders in the U.S., a free common-use shortcode will be assigned to you, allowing you to spend upwards of a thousand recipients one mass text message.

The mastermind behind the success of EZ Texting

Norman Happ serves as the Chief Executive Officer of EZ Texting. Previously, he was at Evernote as Senior Vice President of Sales and Partnerships and was responsible for growing company revenue worldwide. He has spent eight years in go-to-market executive roles within Intuit's Small Business Group and knows the challenges of high-velocity SaaS sales. At Intuit, Mr. Norman developed and designed a series of breakthrough customer-targeting data mining algorithms. He spent five years at H&R Block in diverse leadership roles, where he built the company's first inside sales organization. He credits his career beginnings as a technologist for setting the foundation for his tools-driven, analytical, yet customer-oriented approach towards revenue growth.

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