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Harness the power of one of the world’s largest, fastest Content Delivery Networks Limelight Networks


Limelight Networks is a premier content delivery network (CDN) service provider that enables organizations to deliver faster websites, more responsive applications, the highest quality video, and consistent game and software downloads to any device. As new digital trends emerge—OTT video delivery, daily software and application updates, and cross-platform distribution strategies—Limelight enables companies to do business online with greater speed, reliability, and security than ever before. While most CDNs were built to support yesterday’s challenges of delivering smaller files on the Internet, Limelight’s network architecture can uniquely support both small files, and the large files that comprise most content today such as video, software, and games.

Whether you need to deliver the latest blockbuster movie to millions of homes, update software for billions of devices, or ensure everyone who requests your content receives an instant response, Limelight offers a better solution:

-A network of global POPs that puts your content within reach of any user, anywhere

-Powerful software to optimize content for the best viewing experience on any device

-End-to-end integrated cloud services from storage to accelerated delivery

-Hundreds of experts with decades of experience to ensure you deliver a superb experience to your audience

No other provider in the market has an offering like Limelight Orchestrate, combining a suite of integrated cloud-based services with a private content delivery network to enable your digital content to reach everyone, everywhere.

IoT and Edge Cloud – When Milliseconds Matter

Managing the Growth of IoT Data

As enterprises rapidly transform routine tasks like inventory and energy management, predictive maintenance, and sensor health monitoring by implementing new digital solutions, efficiently managing and analyzing the massive volumes of IoT data being generated creates new challenges. Traditional cloud architectures offering centralized compute capabilities require IoT data to be transported and processed in centralized locations remote to the collection and analysis. This introduces latency that negatively impacts real time actions.

To increase efficiency, reduce unplanned downtime, improve customer experiences, and drive innovation, IoT business owners need global connectivity for local, low-latency ingest and compute of datasets and objects being collected by broadly deployed devices without the costs associated with the proliferation of gateway devices.

Limelight Edge Cloud

Limelight Networks helps you ride the economic curves of the centralized cloud architectures without unacceptable latency seen in today’s deployments. Unlike traditional cloud service providers who rely on the congested public internet to transfer your critical data, Limelight operates one of the world’s largest private networks with the local ingestion, global capacity, and edge services to support the largest IoT projects. Our QoS-enabled high-speed private fiber backbone is isolated from the public internet, providing unmatched performance in a secure environment. Limelight Networks connects global data ingestion with analysis to provide timely predictable action. Limelight Edge Cloud offers the following:

  • Global scale and performance - Limelight’s global private network offers the scale and reach you need to minimize latencies associated with typical cloud infrastructures by reducing the distance between your sources of data and the network edge. Our global private network includes 80+ Points of Presence (PoPs) in more than 40 metropolitan locations covering every region of the world.
  • High capacity with local presence - Limelight’s network offers more than 33+ Tbps of global ingress and egress capacity. No matter where your devices are located or how much data they are generating, Limelight’s massive network has the capacity to seamlessly absorb traffic spikes and support the most onerous demands.
  • Secure private network - Limelight owns and operates one of the world’s largest private networks, which results in superior performance in a more secure infrastructure. Our QoS and 100% TLS/SSL enabled private network utilizes 100Gig fiber backbone links to connect our global PoPs. Limelight’s private network bypasses internet congestion and isolates your data from cybersecurity issues.
  • Edge services and analytics - Limelight’s distributed services and Edge Analytics make it easy to process, analyze, and aggregate information close to where it is being generated. Limelight reduces the cost and complexity of processing and analyzing IoT data.
  • Distributed object storage - Limelight’s distributed object storage is collocated in the same PoPs that are utilized to ingest and process your IoT data. Data can be quickly and easily stored in a local PoP close to the data source or transferred to a centralized location using Limelight’s high-speed private fiber backbone that bypasses the public internet. Limelight offers the fastest storage performance with the flexibility to support distributed storage workflows.
  • Service and support - Limelight delivers expertise in real time applications, compute, and storage, along with industry-leading free unrestricted 24/7/365 live customer support with in-region language assistance for key languages to help you respond to any challenge. Our 24/7/365 Network Operations Center has extensive experience managing and operating one of the largest global networks and is always there to ensure your efficient operation. At Limelight Networks, every team member is focused on delivering a better experience, so you can take on new challenges with confidence.

High availability file distribution that lets you reach your customers everywhere

Customers are relying on your latest updates, whether they’re for work or play. Your file distribution system needs to operate flawlessly around the clock, providing secure, timely delivery of every file, every time. And as business needs change, the file distribution system you choose needs to change with it. Limelight’s solution for File Distribution meets these challenges and allows you to:

  • Operate 24/7/365 - The Limelight Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Orchestrate Platform offers a high availability, global distribution network.
  • Lower your risk - Limelight has extensive experience implementing file distribution solutions into new and existing workflows without interrupting business operations.
  • Stop worrying about file size - Scale and deliver without limits: the Limelight CDN, Orchestrate Platform and Origin Storage handle any file size with virtually unlimited total capacity.
  • Stay flexible - Change your configurations, delivery timeframes, and capacity requirements quickly and easily so your distribution system is always in sync with billing and marketing initiatives.
  • Protect your intellectual property - Choose from a range of security features that keep your assets more secure than trusting delivery to the public Internet.
  • Accelerate all your important files - Deliver every file fast by storing content in Limelight Origin Storage, with Intelligent Ingest and automatic replication to make it easy.

Accelerate your

website to accelerate your business

When visitors come to your website, you have just a few milliseconds to engage them with personalized content, great images, and useful information. Even small delays could reduce your site traffic significantly over time. Keeping them on your site requires the web infrastructure to deliver every piece of content quickly and securely to serve visitors anywhere. And it has to do so 24/7/365.

The Limelight solution for Web Content Delivery utilizes a variety of web content acceleration technologies that enable you to:

  • Reduce latency - Limelight’s global Content Delivery Network (CDN) uses highly efficient edge-caching technology, fast Origin Storage Services, and the latest protocols like HTTP/2 to speed webpage loading and dramatically reducing response times, no matter where visitors are coming from.
  • Protect your site from malicious attacks and secure your content - Limelight’s DDoS Attack Interceptor and Web Application Firewall (WAF) protect your origin from malicious attacks, while SSL ensures secure traffic.
  • Reduce operational costs - Limelight’s CDN and origin storage infrastructure save you CapEx you would spend on adding data centers and expanding storage racks in your data center.
  • Serve content to any device - Using automatic device detection, content is delivered in the correct format to mobile phones, tablets, PCs—virtually any type of device.

Live Video - Stream your live event at low latency

Today’s live events are no longer confined to TV. Audiences are watching them from smart phones, PCs, laptops, tablets, and other types of devices. The challenge is being able to instantly create a TV broadcast-quality experience, while converting live streams on-the-fly into the right device formats. To deliver live streams that meet expectations means finding ways to overcome internet traffic obstacles for uninterrupted viewing. You also need to protect your content from piracy and capture it for a video-on-demand application.

Move to the Limelight solutions for Live Streaming Video to overcome these challenges and realize the following benefits:

  • Simplify your workflow - Detect viewer device types and convert streams on-the-fly at the time of request and deliver them directly to the user.
  • Reduce CapEx infrastructure costs - Leverage cloud-based transcoding and transmuxing capabilities provided by Limelight, and you won’t need to invest in additional resources to get your content to your audience’s devices.
  • Speed time to revenue - Reduce the time it takes to convert and deliver live streams so your audience can tune in faster, with Limelight’s powerful Content Delivery Network (CDN) and video workflow.
  • Ensure higher availability and resiliency - Defend against DDoS attacks and provide multiple layers of content security with Limelight’s CDN and security features.

thesiliconreview-limelight-networks-cover-2018.jpgThe company’s Santa Clara Headquarters and its San Francisco office are both LEED Gold certified. The certification, awarded by the US Green Building Council, is based on the properties’ use of sustainable materials, water, and energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, location and transportation and overall innovation.

Limelight’s solutions for Live Streaming Video provide a complete cloud-based, end-to-end workflow. Automatic transcoding and transmuxing on-the-fly to multiple formats simplifies content conversion. Low-latency streaming helps delivery of real-time live video events.

Deliver your Video on Demand content securely at broadcast quality

Viewers who choose your content expect to be able to tune in on almost any device. And when your content starts to become popular, demand may come from all over the globe. Operationally, you need to be able to convert files into multiple video formats and store multiple versions of all your content. Once you go online, preventing unauthorized access is critical. Finally, regardless of device, when your viewers press “Play,” they expect a broadcast-quality experience—fast.

The Limelight solutions for Video on Demand let you successfully meet these challenges and realize the following benefits:

  • Reduce your internal workload - Cloud-based transmuxing lets you offload complex tasks and assures delivery of the correct video format to every user device.
  • Rapidly scale for peak demand - Meet unpredictable spikes in viewer demand and enhance your brand’s reputation for reliable access to great content.
  • Ensure secure delivery of video - Protect your content by using the Limelight Content Delivery Network (CDN), and choose from a set of enhanced security options to defend against attacks and interference with your broadcasts.
  • Deliver broadcast-quality video - Provide the same great experience as millions of satisfied viewers around the globe enjoy with Limelight’s CDN.
  • Accelerate all your videos - Deliver every video fast by storing them in Limelight Origin Storage Services, with automatic upload and replication to make it easy.

Limelight’s solutions for Video on Demand provide a scalable cloud-based workflow. Automatic transmuxing to multiple formats based on device detection simplifies content conversion. Limelight’s CDN and Origin Storage let you deliver every title fast anywhere in the world, while reducing your need for infrastructure investment.

Meet the leader behind Limelight Networks’ success

Robert A. Lento, President, Chief Executive Officer and Director

Bob Lento was named as Limelight’s Chief Executive Officer in January 2013 and has served on the board of directors since that time. He focuses the company on driving innovation and product excellence, improving the customer experience to create customers for life, driving profitable revenue and being an employer of choice. Previously, Bob was a senior executive at Convergys Corporation, a provider of customer management services, most recently as President of the Information Management Division. His experience spans roles such as President of LAN Systems for Donnelly Enterprise Solutions, Inc., and leadership positions at ENTEX Information Services, Inc. Bob received a B.S. in Management from the State University of New York.

“Whether you are delivering on-demand or streaming video, software files, games, or an entire website, the Limelight Orchestrate Platform solves your most important content delivery challenges so you can deliver the next great digital experience anywhere.”