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Helping Businesses of All Sizes Turn Their IT into an Unfair Competitive Advantage: Dataprise


“Our commitment to excellence means that we'll do whatever it takes to ensure that you receive the best IT strategy and technical services available anywhere.”

Technology, when managed properly, can help businesses get and maintain a competitive advantage in their industry. When David E. Eisner founded Dataprise he understood this notion early on, even before the days of Wi-Fi, Cloud Computing, and even Smartphones. Eisner knew that technology could be used to accelerate and grow any business and in a small apartment on March 14, 1995, Dataprise was born.

Dataprise was not always known as a ‘Managed Service Provider.’ During its inception, Eisner considered himself an IT consultant. As technology evolved and got more complex, MSPs (Managed Service Providers) were born in order to provide full, or partially-outsourced IT support and management. Fast-forward twenty years, the MSP community is still evolving and morphing. Businesses that were once a player in the industry have been acquired by larger companies, gotten smaller or gone out of business. In contrast, Dataprise has continued to expand with over 22+ years of consecutive growth which is a testament to the expertise of the people who work for Dataprise and the professional service it offers its customers.

Since 1995, Dataprise has helped more than 5,000 organizations across the Mid-Atlantic make the best use of their business technology. With a staff that consists of over 300 certified network technical consultants and support staff, it is able to move at light speed to anticipate its customers'​needs which mean that it has all the expertise that you’ll ever need – all under one roof. Its world-class Dataprise eXperience customer support means that it holds itself to the highest accountability in the industry to ensure that you are always satisfied with its results.

For over two decades, Dataprise has remained dedicated to helping its clients win with IT and will continue to focus on helping businesses, large and small, succeed through their investments in information technology. Dataprise has been helping organizations throughout the United States manage their IT with our unique approach to technology management and consultancy solutions. As one of the nation's largest Managed Service Providers (MSP), our deep pool of over 300 certified engineers, subject matter experts, and IT support staff are ready to help your business grow and thrive.

Dataprise Takes Prides and Delight in Serving Its Customers

“Our approach begins with an unwavering customer-first commitment to excellence to ensure you receive the highest quality services designed to help your business win with IT.”

Whether you're a small, growing business or an enterprise-level organization, Dataprise has the right solution for you. Plus, its comprehensive managed IT solution, known as Support365® offers proactive IT support in affordable packages tailored to align with your business objectives and meet your needs. No matter the industry or the size of the technology challenge, Dataprise is dedicated to providing the most effective IT support, strategy and management to businesses large and small. As one of the largest Managed Services Providers, it has the resources to support your industry.

Whether you seek to supplement your existing IT services staff or benefit from a complete outsourced IT solution, the Dataprise team can help architect the right solution that aligns with your goals and scales with your ever-changing needs. It is a one-stop IT shop and it serves as your collaborative partner to ensure the managed services we provide align with your business objectives, improve productivity, and lead your organization forward. The company delivers a customer experience built on integrity, open communication, and an uncompromising commitment to helping you turn your IT into an unfair competitive advantage.

CEO Corner

David Eisner, Chief Executive Officer: Eisner founded Dataprise in 1995 and has led its growth from tiny technology start-up to a recognized leader in providing managed IT services to small and medium-size businesses. An Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award® recipient, Eisner oversees Dataprise's strategic vision and development. He was recently honored with the Tech Council of Maryland's Executive of the Year award as well as being named to the MSPmentor 250 Top People in Managed Services. In 2015, Eisner wrote Build Your Business Not Your IT Department: A Guide to Selecting the Right Technology Partner, a guidebook for small to medium-sized business on how to select the right IT partner. The book is available at He holds both a bachelor's and master's degree in computer science from the University of Maryland and The Johns Hopkins University, respectively. He is an alumnus of the Entrepreneurs' Organization and a member emeritus of the Board of Visitors for the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences at the University of Maryland.

“We've been helping companies and organizations alike tackle their complex IT challenges through our unique approach to comprehensive technology management and consultancy services, as well as a commitment to excellence in customer service.”