10 Best Mobility Companies 2018

iApps specializes in developing mobile solutions that assist companies and businesses meet their corporate objectives – increasing profits, decreasing costs and increasing productivity

thesiliconreview-iapps-2018With a strong focus on helping businesses increase profits, decrease costs, and increase productivity utilizing mobility, iApps is Australia’s leading mobile application developer. With very diverse experience across a broad spectrum of business verticals, iApps has the experience and personnel to deliver on complex solutions for industry. Having developed solutions for Ramsay Health, MLC, SAP, Tourism Noosa, NSW Gov, QLD Gov, just to name a few.

With a long list of corporate, enterprise and consumer applications making up its extensive portfolio, iApps is a leader in mobile application development in Australia. Unlike its competitors, iApps works with its clients throughout every step of the development process. Starting with a concept, all aspects of development are completed in-house, from planning, coding, and support. iApps prides itself on delivering tailor-made applications that exceed its clients’ expectations.

Embrace the Appdustrial Revolution

According to the Industrial Data Corporation (IDC), a global provider of market intelligence and advisory services for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets, by 2013 more than 1.19 billion workers worldwide will be using mobile technology – accounting for 34.9% of the global workforce.

As mobile technology and its capabilities are more widely understood, business users are embracing the technology to manage critical tasks and decision-making in real-time, no matter where they are.

Increase Efficiency: Efficiency reduces costs and delivers a better experience for customers and staff. We can show you how to leverage the power of the new Lifestyle Device revolution.

Decrease Costs: Stop requiring everyone to do too many things, let us show you how leveraging efficiency improvements with mobility can bring down your overheads.

Increase Profitability: A profit stems from decreasing costs and increasing efficiencies. Large corporate or government department, mobility simply helps you get more return on your investment.

iApps: Increase efficiency, decrease costs and increase profitability

Founded in 2009 by CEO Rick Hoy and CIO Andrew Longhorn, the company has experienced phenomenal growth as its world-class applications continue to reinforce its standing as a market leader in mobile software development. Currently, with offices on two continents, iApps is the largest locally grown app developer in Australia. iApps goes ‘above and beyond’ for its clients through every step of the development process. Starting with an idea, iApps develops a concept then creates, plans, codes and supports every mobile application it builds.

Mobile technology continues to grow and influence the way we stay connected. iApps delivers industry-specific solutions from Australia to the world including mining, medical, finance, banking, freight, logistics, occupational health and safety, manufacturing and agriculture to name a few.

Service portfolio offered by iApps

iApps develops mobile applications that streamline business processes, without the need for costly IT infrastructure, and can design an application to fit your current user platform.

iPhone Development: iApps employs the most experienced and creative iPhone developers and engineers in the Asia-Pacific and its team of industry leaders will assist with your project from conceptualization, right through to the app store submission stage.

Android Development: The Android platform is growing rapidly, and with it, the demand for Android App Development. iApps have extensive experience developing on this platform and have the confidence to turn your app dreams into a reality.

iPad Development: With an enviable form, high-quality graphics and plenty of inbuilt features, the iPad is truly an ideal platform for developing a mobile application. iApps is an expert in iPad software development, building custom applications that are targeted specifically to your industry.

Windows Phone: iApps is a global leader in Windows Phone 7 and 8 Application Development. Let iApps tailor a Windows Phone solution for your business today.

Blackberry Development: iApps has been involved with BlackBerry App Development since 2010. As the rise in the development of entrepreneurial needs increases so does its ability to design and deliver on this platform.

Web Development: iApps has the knowledge and expertise to ignite your web presence. iApps’ team of the highly experienced web- developers utilize cutting-edge Internet technologies, tailoring unique projects to meet your specifications. It is iApps’ goal to bring your creativity and vision to fruition.

Clientele Reviews

“We have enjoyed working with the entire team at iApps, and look forward to a fruitful and ongoing relationship as we develop other versions of our game. I have no hesitation in recommending iApps.”

- Linda Glassop, Managing Director, KODUS Pty Ltd

“A big thank you to the team at iApps for their professionalism and their help. I highly recommend iApps for any company/radio station that is looking to spread their message to the world. Thumbs up!”

- Jason Datillo, Station Manager, 91.3 SportFM

“Working with iApps was a breeze and in a world of IT and application development where lines can get blurred and development time can easily blow out, iApps was unique. They took the time to listen to what we were trying to achieve. We’ll be using them again!”

- Paul Amos, Managing Director, Xtra Research

Say hello to the Founder

Rick Hoy, Chairman, and Director:

“We assist companies, organizations, and industries to adapt to the digital economy, and empower individuals and workplaces through enhanced business insight.”

iApps goes ‘above and beyond’ for its clients through every step of the development process. Starting with an idea, iApps develops a concept then creates, plans, codes and supports every mobile application it builds.