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Making homes beautiful on every street, in every city, of every country in the world: D’Decor Exports Pvt. Ltd.

thesiliconreview-sanjay-arora-md-ddecor-exports-pvt-ltd-2018People around the world have developed a growing interest to personalize their homes and spaces with appealing and contemporary furnishing. With the change in lifestyle and housing boom, the demand for creating exquisite interiors with soft furnishing fabrics has never been more. As furnishing fabrics play a very important role in increasing the aesthetic value of homes, the international trends in home textiles have been rapidly adapted in terms of design, trends, product mix, innovations, technology and retailing over the years. Be it bed linens, wallpapers, curtains or contemporary jacquards, prints, yarn dyed, velvets or fashion ranges, D’Decor can supply the finest of home textile fabrics, furnishings and bespoke designs to transform a house into a dream home of forever joy.

D’Decor, a leading manufacturer and exporter of curtains and upholstery fabrics, was founded in 1999, and the brand D’Decor along with brand ambassadors Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan was launched in 2010. Today, D’Decor is a one-stop-shop for a wide variety of home decor and home accessories like bedding, rugs, curtains, blinds, etc. The brand has been making strong strides in the market for over a decade now.

D’Decor is the world’s largest maker of soft furnishing fabrics. Everyday D’Decor’s factories create over 120,000 sq. mtrs of high quality fabrics for homes around the world. The brand is proud to be ‘globally local’, understanding the aesthetic sensibilities of every country that they deal with. D’Decor today is the partner of choice for premier furniture and furnishing makers around the world. The brand is defined by their commitment to excellence and their passion to bring to life visions that meld expertise with art.

Infrastructure & the Country’s First Robotic Warehouse

D’Decor’s 5 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants with latest European machines are situated at Tarapur, near Mumbai. The output at their plants exceeds 150,000 meters a day. Every year, 44 million meters of fabric are created here designed for homes around the world.

Featuring cutting edge equipment with an average age of just 4 years, D’Decor’s Tarapur facilities are exemplary of how closely the brand has embraced technology and the spirit of re-invention. The brand has been a pioneer and has delivered several prominent firsts in Indian textile manufacturing such as creating water-repellent and flame-retardant fabrics as well as the country’s first robotic warehouse.

Its vertically integrated manufacturing set-up includes 500 looms (Jaquard, Dobby, Velvet), 180 multihead embroidery machines, 60 schiffili embroidery machines, digital printing machines, yarn dyeing, fabric dyeing & processing machines, etc. D’Decor exports to more than 65 countries globally including the USA, Europe, West Asia, Middle East, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Design Capabilities

Innovation and customization are the two biggest strengths of D’Decor’s design capabilities. The brand’s 15 year partnership with European Studios and investment in 5000 original artworks has been the starting point for the 250 people strong product development team. The brand’s continuous efforts and investment in new colors, design trends, substrates, weaves and finishes, provide customers with a wide variety of creative & contemporary products to choose from each year.

D’Decor has 60 CAD stations which convert the work of their team as electronic input to their computer aided manufacturing. These SKUs are combined and presented as 100 new collections to the customers. Each collection is designed to beautifully convert a room into your dream home, bringing the ‘Live Beautiful’ philosophy to life. D’Decor also has international alliances with Marvel & Disney for a range of children’s bedding collections as well as with Sunbrella that has been a world leader in performance fabrics.

The Retail Story

D’Decor has also ventured into the retail space with its flagship store, The D’Decor Store in Bandra, Mumbai which was launched in 2014 and many stores in cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata and other metro cities all over India. D’Decor’s retail strength is growing leaps and bounds with the introduction of franchise stores in cities like Chandigarh, Nagpur, Jaipur, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, etc. As the Business Head of The D’Decor Stores, Ms. Sanjana is the brainchild behind The D’Decor Store retail story. She has conceptualized the exclusive stores in Bandra and Ghatkopar in Mumbai, as well as the flagship stores in Ahmedabad, New Delhi & Kolkata.

The D’Decor Blinds


D’Decor’s latest venture is into the ‘Blinds’ category. The blinds by D’Decor are available in a wide range of styles and designs, from contemporary looking Venetian blinds to luxurious and cosy pleated blinds. Designed in UK and manufactured in India, the products undergo rigorous testing and quality control. With state-of-the art infrastructure, D’Decor’s production facilities house latest Japanese and European machinery for end to end in house production ensuring the quickest turnaround time to every order. Their team of experts across manufacturing, logistics, customer care and sales ensure that the end to end process is always a world class offering that is unmatched and fully customized to the customer’s request.

Sanjana also leads The D’Decor Blinds Division (Domestic Distribution). D’Decor has created over 200 shop-in-shops in their dealer networks specially catering to promoting their range of blinds. D’Decor has put more than 125 galleries of D’Decor Blinds pan India within a year of its launch.

The brand has been duly recognized, as one that architects and interior designers can leverage to their customers. D’Decor Blinds offers

the most comprehensive range of blinds with over 20,000 fabric options, aesthetic and versatile blinds, ideal for a wide assortment of window styles, from standard windows to patio doors and

French windows offering a fantastic choice unmatched in looks, function and control over light, privacy and energy saving properties.


The Brand has been the recipient of various prestigious awards over the last few years. At the recently held Export Awards by The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council (SRTEPC) for outstanding Export Performance for the year 2016-17, D’Decor was awarded 3 gold trophies and 2 silver trophies in various categories.

D’Decor won 5 awards in the following categories:

D’Decor Exports Pvt Ltd:

Gold: Best Overall Export Performance in the Category of Man-made Embroidered and Value-added Textiles

Silver: Second Best Overall Export Performance in the Category of Synthetic & Rayon Filament Fabrics

D’Decor Home Fabrics Pvt Ltd:

Gold: Best Overall Export Performance in the Category of Synthetic & Rayon Filament Fabrics

Gold: Best Overall Export Performance in Blended Fabrics of Synthetic and Natural Fibres

Silver: Second Best Overall Export Performance in Fabrics Based Made-Ups

Today D’Decor stands as the largest woven upholstery and curtain mill in the world, along with their newest concept stores that give an unparalleled customer experience to all homeowners and designers. As a leading home couture destination, D’Decor now offers home solutions across a wide range of decor categories like bedding, curtains, rugs, blinds as well as other home accessories.


Knowing the leaders

The leadership team has been the dynamic force that has shaped the past, present and future of D’Decor. Mr. V. K. Arora, is the Chairman of D’Decor and his two sons, Mr. Sanjay Arora & Mr. Ajay Arora are the Managing Directors of the company. Together, they form D’Decor’s pillars of strength, a rock-solid foundation that has held strong for over a decade.

Mrs. Ina Arora (wife of Mr. Sanjay Arora) is the Product Development Head at D’Decor Exports Pvt. Ltd. Sanjana Arora (Daughter of Ina and Sanjay Arora) is the Business Head of The D’Decor Stores and D’Decor Blinds (Domestic Distribution).  


“Through continuous research & development, D’Decor’s brand vision is to develop and create innovative concepts, designs and furnishings as well as to provide its customers with one-of-a-kind, bespoke home design solutions of the finest quality.”