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Meet the makers of the world’s most advanced Enterprise AppDev platform: Zudy


“It’s hard to see the future, but we believe the future of application development will look a lot more like VINYL than anything you are using today” – Team ZUDY

Digital Transformation for Global Enterprises is important not just for survival, but for increased productivity and business agility as well. In order for this transformation and agility to lead to market growth, it is crucial that enterprises move beyond traditional app development methods of coding and adopt modern technology, proven methodologies and high levels of automation to their businesses.

Founded by Thomas and Trish Kennedy, ZUDY has been turning heads with their powerful solutions for the digital world since 2016. Currently headed by CEO, Charles Nardi, the company is changing the way the world thinks about traditional coding versus accelerated application development, agile delivery and sustainable digital transformation.

The NO-CODE Platform

According to Forrester’s prediction, the market for these digital platforms is defined as ‘low code’, however ZUDY has built the only ‘no-code’ platform available. ZUDY’s brainchild, Vinyl (2016), is today’s most comprehensive End-to-End No-Code Platform for Mobile and Web Enterprise Application Development that enables users to competitively transform their businesses in weeks. Using this database agnostic platform, users can build apps that sit on top of any application or data source and function across all devices and operating systems, while ending the backlog of innovation and modernizing their existing IT infrastructure, at a fraction of the time and cost.

One of the most revolutionary products in the market, Vinyl not only transforms the customers’ companies into lean, efficient and competitive entities, it also provides for flexible and fast innovation at a fraction of the time and cost. Indeed, the secret behind ZUDY’s continued growth as an organization lies in their corporate culture of “Customer First” always. After all, the company is all about solving the customers’ most complex problems in an affordable and quick manner. Today, Zudy delivers 100% satisfaction for all their customers and provides value at all levels of any organization.  

Rising above challenges to emerge victorious

Prior to this venture, ZUDY’S management team built two highly successful technology companies, focused on data migration and data governance, and later sold them. Throughout their entrepreneurial journey, the team realized that technology has become increasingly complicated as companies operate on multiple disparate systems without integration. With the future in mind, the team put together a plan for simplifying AppDev technology, and the Vinyl platform was created. This platform is equipped with the capability to sit on top of multiple legacy systems at once and treat data from multiple systems as if there was a single data source.

From 2015 to 2017, ZUDY has grown at an exponential rate. And in spite of initial market entry barriers, the company has risen above all obstacles and rightly earned the title of a ‘winner’ in today’s digital marketplace. “We had to push analysts and customers to understand this new frontier of NO-CODE Application Development and to make customers believe in our capabilities. As a Self-funded company, it was challenging, yet not impossible to overcome the hurdles posed by the signifncant investment and need for deep talent to build such an advanced platform. Experience, talent and money are always substantial barriers to entry”, added team ZUDY.

Delivering success

ZUDY’s customer base owns and uses every type of legacy system from SAP, Oracle, Infor, Workday, SalesForce, to older IBM systems and even custom-built solutions. The Vinyl platform enables customers to modernize and digitize their processes across their entire IT landscape, while providing an extremely affordable and scalable platform.

Recently, the company has been collaborating with their customers to build game-changing apps that include solutions for the Retail, Ecommerce, Healthcare, Talent Management and Sports-Entertainment Management and many other sectors. Given their market value, continued growth and popularity, Zudy is sure to continue being a valuable addition to customers, employees and key stakeholders in the years to come.

Why ZUDY..

  • Team ZUDY has 40+ years of AppDev platform experience. They specialize in the fastest Enterprise AppDev on the planet solving complex problems for the largest companies in the world!
  • With Zudy’s platform Vinyl, every customer has Unlimited applications and unlimited users for one affordable cost.
  • All applications built are very flexible and scalable.
  • 6 patents have been issued for Vinyl and the platform is constantly improved to solve complex issues customers face.
  • 100% customer retention rate

What to expect from Zudy in 2017..

Vinyl Platform is constantly updated with new releases on a monthly basis.

Cool bolt-on products for accelerated data-centric solutions and automation of business processes.

Success Story..

Purdue Pharma, a leading pharmaceutical company, struggled with meeting the ever-changing needs of the business using standard enterprise software applications. Digital transformation of business processes was lagging and attempts to create mobile apps had fallen short. The complexities of enhancing and augmenting legacy systems kept IT overloaded with requests and unable to innovate. The time and effort involved in gaining insights into important business activities caused constant delays in getting the right information at the right time to take action.

Enter ZUDY, with Vinyl, Purdue implemented more than 10 enterprise applications in less than 6 months, mobilizing and modernizing business processes including manufacturing, sales, HR, finance, logistics and regulatory compliance. The change represented millions in savings and delighted users and management.  Purdue now views appdev as “Vinyl first”. No-Code is the Future of Application Development!

The challenge of solving complex business challenges for the largest companies in the world is fascinating. And team ZUDY, loves to deliver on the impossible!