10 Fastest growing Google solution providers 2016

One of the Google’s most trusted partner tiers: Agosto

“The cloud has never been easier.”

Founded in 2001, Agosto is a Google Cloud Premier Partner & cloud product development company. Through custom cloud product development, we help organizations bring products to market more quickly, with a focus on the Internet of Things (IoT). In 2014, Agosto was named Google Enterprise Global Partner of the Year for Cloud Platform. Agosto is also committed to providing Google enterprise services. In 2014, we were named to the Inc. 500|5000, an exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies for the fourth time.

Based on its years of expertise building solutions on Google’s platform, we built a digital signage solution called Skykit. Skykit is the first end-to-end Google-based digital signage CMS. Designed for infinite scale for enterprises.

Google powered services

Digital Signage: Skykit is a cloud-based digital signage platform that easily distributes the content to any screen, anywhere in the world. Using its powerful content management system built on Google, end users have the ability to control, collaborate, and quickly send content to any number of displays. Regardless of location.

G Suite Business: G Suite Business is a premium version of G Suite (which many people might know it by older branding: Google Apps for Work, Google Drive for Work, Google Apps for Business, or Google Apps for Enterprise). G Suite Business includes the base solutions included in G Suite, but also includes Google Vault for every user. That means you get all the collaboration tools, plus unlimited storage, eDiscovery, auditing, and reporting features. We tailor G Suite Business to fit the company, and offer the licenses at the same price Google does.

Google Enterprise Search: Bring the power of Google’s search capabilities to your intranet, databases, cloud applications, and much more. A Google Search Appliance (also known as a GSA) can provide clients’ employees or external site visitors with an easy-to-use, dependable search experience. Agosto will help customize GSA’s capabilities and increase the speed, range of results, and search functionality for the users.

A GSA uses the same algorithms used by That means, the users will see the most relevant search results first. And with over 220 file types and translation for 72 languages, the user experience is a personalized and positive one. You can also extend search results beyond files and databases to include content from social media streams and different cloud applications. With results delivered through a browser, searching a GSA is also possible from mobile devices, depending on the organizations needs.

IoT (M2M) Accelerator: IoT (M2M) Accelerator is a cloud-based software foundation for improving machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) communications analysis, interaction and reporting. Based using Google’s Cloud Platform products, IoT (M2M) Accelerator gathers multiple device inputs and simulates to scale.With several layers of security, the framework processes up to millions of events an hour, storing and managing results. User interaction is enabled across the framework for meaningful reporting, planning, data export, analysis and other ongoing user tasks.

The Happy Customer:

Premier Utility Services
When Premier Utility Services was acquired by Willbros Group, Inc., the Company’s IT management team was working with Microsoft Exchange. However, the system was not scalable enough to meet the needs of the quickly growing entity. Significant stability and reliability issues started causing business disruptions, so the Company’s technical staff began to investigate alternative platforms that could provide more reliability. Marc Makely, President of Premier, suggested the Company move to Google Apps. Premier was already working with Google Geo (mapping) tools, and Makely believed in the cloud and in Google’s powerful solutions.

What Premier Utility Services Wanted

  •  Scalable, reliable, stable platform
  • Unified employee communications
  • A system that would improve the team’s ability to provide excellent customer service

Why Premier Utility Services Went Google

  • Level of trust in other Google products (Geo/Mapping)
  • The ability of Google Apps to provide a consistent employee communication experience
  • Real-time collaboration

What Premier Utility Services

  • Accomplished Through Agosto
  • Reduced capital expenses and management costs
  • Ability to immediately share updated information with clients
  • Secure, reliable communications
  • Increased productivity

Meet the Master

Irfan Khan, CEO: Khan sets Agosto’s strategic direction and assembles and manages the delivery teams to continue the company’s growth. Khan co-founded Agosto in 2001 as an IT consulting firm focused on delivering new technologies to increase operational efficiencies for their clients. Today he is identifying new opportunities to leverage the Agosto’s market position as a leading cloud brokers and product development experts.

A true evangelist for cloud computing and SaaS (software-as-a-service), Khan excels at change management and has personally helped migrate tens of thousands of users onto Google Apps. For more than 13 years, he has helped grow Agosto into a recognized leader in cloud circles.

In 2004, he co-founded Jumpnode Systems, an innovator in cloud network management. During Khan’s four-year tenure as CEO, he took a new concept to a revenue-earning product in less than 12 months and successfully raised a multimillion dollar round of venture financing. The company was awarded the Best New Technology honor by Twin Cities Business in 2006. That same year, Khan was awarded Innovator of the Year by Finance and Commerce magazine. Khan holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental sciences from the University of Oregon.

“We help companies move from legacy systems. Our experienced team knows the requirements and can make it easier for you, too.”