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Providing Services Which Promote Quality Of Life by Combining the Diverse Talents to Generate Performance and Well-Being: Sodexo

thesiliconreview-sunil-nayak-ceo-sodexo-2018Founded in 1966 by Pierre Bellon in Marseilles, France, Sodexo is one of the worldwide leaders in Quality of Life services. For over 50 years, the company has developed unique expertise, backed by nearly 427,000 employees in 80 countries across the globe.

By combining the diverse talents, Sodexo is the only company to integrate a complete offer of innovative services, based on over 100 professions. The company develops, manages and delivers a unique array of On-site Services, Benefits & Rewards Services and Personal and Home Services for all its clients to improve the Quality of Life. 

Sodexo’s experiences with over 100 million customers each and every day enables the company to develop Quality of Life services that reinforce the well-being of individuals, improving their effectiveness and helping companies and organizations to improve performance.

Sodexo India

Sodexo India On-site Services is the leading provider of services that impact the Quality of Life of clients and their employees in the corporate segment and remote sites, patients and visitors in the healthcare segment, and students and faculty in the education segment. Sodexo is considered a strategic partner to its clients and delivers more than 40 different food and facilities management solutions across 1100+ sites, through its 40,000 employees who touch the lives of 800,000 consumers daily.

In India since 1997, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services (formerly Motivation Solutions) is a market leader by far. The company provides access to a wide range of services that improves the quality of life of beneficiaries. Because they improve daily life, promote work-life balance and recognize effort, Sodexo solutions have a positive impact on employee motivation and contribute to improving the performance of the organizations.

Quality of Life Services

Everyone at Sodexo believes that the best way to create real, lasting value is to make people the central focus of organizations and society as a whole. The company views the Quality of Life as a decisive yet largely unexplored factor governing individual and collective performance.

As such, Quality of Life is the common denominator of all Sodexo services – it is the differentiator. Sodexo is the only company in the world that offers integrated Quality of Life services to its clients through On-site Services, Benefits, and Rewards Services and Personal and Home Services in 80 countries around the world.

On-Site Services

Sodexo has made it its mission to improve Quality of Life – whether in corporate in Corporate, Healthcare, Universities, Schools, Energy &Resources, Defense, Justice Services, Seniors or Sports & Leisure environments. The company enhances the health and well-being of employees, students, patients, and doctors, through a wide range of services from construction to reception, sterilization of medical equipment, cleaning, and food services.

Benefits and Rewards Services

Providing innovative responses to ease daily life or designing customized tools to recognize hard work and accomplishments are Sodexo’s way to improve individuals’ quality of life. From gym memberships to theater tickets or from meal vouchers to incentive and recognition programs, the services by Sodexo open the doors to healthier lifestyles, a more satisfying work-life balance, an improved standard of living and greater access to culture that directly impact individuals’ engagement.

Personal and Home Services

Sodexo’s personalized services respond to key trends currently impacting the society. As more women enter or re-enter the workforce, Sodexo eases the transition by providing flexible, affordable and reliable Childcare Services. As society ages, Sodexo’s In-Home Services allow seniors to remain safely in their own. And as more and more people strive to improve their work-life balance, Concierge Services simplify and facilitate daily tasks.

The Corporate Responsibilities

The Better Tomorrow Plan 

Sodexo is the recognized global sustainability leader in its market sector. In 2009, the Group adopted a continuous improvement approach to guide company’s actions every day: the Better Tomorrow Plan. This Plan seeks to address the issues that Sodexo have identified as being essential to its market and stakeholders and is made up of three core pillars.

The Better Tomorrow Plan is naturally central to the company’s “Ambition 2015” strategy. Covering the 80 countries where Sodexo operate, it is based on the many local initiatives already in place and includes three milestones in 2012, 2015 and 2020. 

A Focus on Women

Sodexo India's Diversity & Inclusion strategy is focused on Awareness, Engagement, and Transformation to help enhance leadership capabilities of female employees, to highlight their role in the organization, and to promote equal opportunity in the workplace.

Sodexo places a strategic emphasis on developing women at all levels within the organization. Sodexo India launched its four women's network chapters, created a task force to recommend guidelines for a more gender-friendly workplace, developed customized diversity training as well as piloted an accelerated leadership development program for high-potential entry-level women managers.

Greet the Chief

Sunil Nayak is the CEO of Sodexo India On-site Service Solutions.

“Doing business in a globalized economy has become increasingly complex. In our business relations, our employees must work with multiple political, financial and economic systems and a wide array of regulations and cultural practices.”

“Our positioning in the services industry is original and unique. It is what makes our brand different. In combining the diverse talents of our teams, Sodexo is the only company to integrate a complete offer of innovative services, based on over 100 professions.”