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Redwood: World leader in Enterprise Process Automation, helping customers worldwide


“The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.”– Ray Kroc.

The only strategic process automation partner for SAP®, Redwood offers the widest range of deployment options from the last 20 years helping more than 3,000 customers automate their mission-critical IT and business processes. Their customers remove the costs, risks and wasted time of manual tasks and achieve greater reliability, consistency and accuracy across diverse processes, such as the financial close, supply chain and business intelligence (BI).

The company very well understands that automation has to meet the needs, so they offer the industry’s widest choice of deployment options. Their customers can select from software, subscription service or virtual appliance and also offer Automation Process Packages (APPs) that streamline end-to-end processes and achieve success in the shortest possible time with minimum effort.

Redwood can connect applications from any vendor or source, which is why they are SAPs® strategic automation partner. Their suite is also offered by HP to their global customer base.

Unique Solution Offered
SAP® AUTOMATION- Redwood’s Enterprise Process Automation® helps in coordinate processes across client’s entire SAP landscape and beyond. As SAP’s only strategic automation partner they can show how to eliminate slow, manually dependent and error prone processes that limit business. Redwood’s Enterprise Process Automation® gives: Visibility, Integration, Compliance and Control.

ROBOCLOSE- RoboCloseTM –this offers customers the first ever fully robotized end-to-end local/entity close solution. Redwood’s smart robots deliver a consistent period end close, giving a stress free quality close every time. Their intelligent robots perform ALL non-value add closing tasks and reach out to accounting staff only when needed to ensure to stay in control. No other solution comes close in its ability to comprehensively automate Record-to-Report to this level. A RoboClose achieves the consistency, auditability and speed one needs.

ORACLE® AUTOMATION- Oracle databases, Business Intelligence (BI) technology and applications operate at the core of one’s organization. Connecting these Oracle processes with other applications or silos outside the Oracle family can be a challenge. Clients can get the most of Oracle investment. Quickly and easily connect Oracle processes to any other application, tool or solution in enterprise with Redwood.

IT AUTOMATION- Redwood gives the power to automate across entire enterprise—regardless of physical location, technology or business silo. Automatically manage service desk tickets, application releases, and server provisioning. Notify stakeholders when processes are complete and setup automated error-handling so critical processes keep moving. Manage by exception—not by hand.

Report2Web- with Redwood’s Report2Web one can easily gather report data from virtually any report and present the information exactly how they want. Automate document capture, archive and distribution processes. Always maintain information integrity and security for even the most sensitive corporate information. Organize and index documents so that critical information is readily available across corporate intranet or portal.

TECHNOLOGY- Redwood technology automates most important business and IT processes. Their solutions eliminate manual tasks, speed processes and build reliability, accuracy and quality into the critical everyday operations company depends on.

Territory of Clientele
Since their inception the company has gained prestigious clients such as UBS, RSPB, Toyota, Banner Health, Virgin Money, Guess and many more.

Client Speak
“Redwood streamlined and automated our closing process across 650 businesses—and gave us complete visibility.”– Jeroen Hollema, IT project manager – Royal Dutch Shell.

“We use Redwood for all our fulfillment requirements. Before we had Redwood, our overnight processes would take over 11 hours. Now we can complete in 2.5 hours.”-David Carney, Enterprise Infrastructure Analyst – Virgin Money.

“With Redwood automating all data updates, we can be sure that users are armed with the most up-to-date information possible to support their decisions.”- Richard Berg, Technology Manager –
Toyota Motor Sales.

“We are the world leaders in Enterprise Process Automation.”

Knowing the Masters

Tijl founded Redwood Software in 1993. As the CEO  he is responsible for setting the company’s vision and worldwide business strategy. Under his stewardship, Redwood has continually innovated to deliver a strong trajectory of growth and profitability. Today the company is the world leader in Enterprise Process Automation® and offers the industry’s widest range of deployment options.

At Redwood Andrew is responsible for the architecture and development of Cronacle and SAP® Business Process Automation by Redwood (SAP BPA). Andrew’s experience includes positions and consulting in the financial services, ISP, and music publishing industries. He has worked on JSR 236: Concurrency Utilities for Java™ EE, JSR 237: Work Manager for Application Servers, and participated as a speaker at JavaOne conferences.

Dennis’ responsibilities encompass management of Redwood Americas and Asia Pacific Operations. With over 20 years’ experience in software and computer services industries; Dennis has held executive & management positions at SiteLite, IBM/Tivoli Systems, Ross Systems & Automatic Data Processing.

“Over the last 20 years we have helped more than 3,000 customers automate their mission-critical IT and business processes.”