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Revolutionizing Enterprise Resource Planning Across the Globe: Vroozi


“Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, USA, Vroozi gives customers 100% digital and mobile experiences from requests all the way to supplier invoicing.”

Organizations nowadays face a lot of difficulty in managing their procurement, catalog content, spend, supplier relationships, etc. What if there was a simple and intuitive platform through which employees can handle all the above mentioned factors with relative ease? Vroozi provides the perfect business solution that helps in improving procurement productivity and accelerate marketplace performance throughout an organization.

Vroozi was originally founded in 2011 to create the best catalog management solution to bolt onto the existing procurement system or ERP platforms. The company was branded under the name smartOCI as it started off with SAP clientele with OCI protocol. smartOCI also integrates via CXML with IBM Maximo, NetSuite, Oracle, and other ERP solutions. Over time, the Vroozi team saw that the next transformation of procurement is giving a full purchasing capability wherever the employee happens to be. This became the 100% mobile enabled procure-to-invoice Vroozi platform built with web responsive framework such that it is accessible on any device.

Vroozi’s mobile procurement platform is used by companies of all sizes across all industries to improve their procurement processes and better manage their purchases. It enables procurement organizations to empower their employees, connect with their suppliers, and remain connected to their unified procurement platform from anywhere.

“We specialize in giving everyone who buys on behalf of the company the most intuitive and fast shopping experience. This starts from the moment a procurement professional creates the catalog content, employees searching for items and creating requests, to managers approving orders and tracking spend, to suppliers managing their content,” said Steve Olds, CEO. “We are a niche player in the overall source-to-pay arena because our focus is on the best experience for massive usage and high adoption,” he added.

The company’s key differentiating factors include:

  • No training required user experience
  • Same day on-boarding
  • Robust catalog solution to create private marketplace
  • Cost effectiveness

A SaaS Procurement Solution
Vroozi is a SaaS Procurement solution that helps companies manage all their spend, create a marketplace for employees to easily find and request items/services they need, electronically send POs to their suppliers, and track all orders. “We have integrated with many ERP systems so the accounting and purchasing data can stay in sync real-time,” explained Steve.

Vroozi isn’t just for the procurement leaders or the catalog management professionals or the tech-savvy personnel; Vroozi is for the entire organization. “We strive to bring better business purchasing to all, and we focus on designing all of our procurement and catalog management solutions with every employee in mind,” he added.

Value Propositions

a).  The big enterprises who have invested heavily on SAP, Oracle, etc. can leverage Vroozi to unify their spend in one marketplace and provide a consumer shopping experience for everyone.

b). For the small to midsize companies just beginning to start a procurement process, they can use Vroozi as standalone to automate all their purchasing with all suppliers and establish a “ask for permission not forgiveness” procurement governance.

Customer Base
Vroozi isn’t sector specific. In fact, each new client that the company has added has been expanding its industry portfolio. Basically, any company needing to create frequent orders can leverage Vroozi to streamline that process. Its customers include companies as small as 10 people to tens of thousands of employees. Some of its well-known customers are Grupo Bimbo, Sealed Air, EMC, Pitney Bowes, etc.

Customers Speak
“The fast ROI, ease of use, and cost effectiveness made our decision to choose Vroozi smartOCI easy. Within two months, we went from zero catalog usage to on-boarding 16 catalogs onto our marketplace.” – Robert Johnson, Division Vice President, Non-Food Procurement

“Vroozi has transformed our ordering process to create, approve, and deliver purchase orders in just minutes.”
– Steve Black, Corporate Director of Operations, Generations Healthcare

Case Study

Watermark Retirement Communities
manages 37 communities across the US. At each community, there is a group of people making purchases for a variety of administrative, nursing, maintenance and housekeeping needs. Prior to switching to Vroozi, Watermark had a solution for invoicing and purchasing, but the growing requirements of managing the Watermark catalog content illustrated the need for a more streamlined, simple and user friendly platform.

The Vroozi Solution
Watermark chose Vroozi’s Procurement Platform due to its ability to quickly and easily create and manage catalogs and streamline the purchase processes. Vroozi’s smartOCI is an intuitive, mobile procurement platform that can be easily integrated with other software and processes.

“Through Vroozi, we’re now able to run a variety of informative reports, closely examine details and scrutinize spending to easily determine if communities are fully leveraging the negotiated pricing opportunities. With this information we’re able to calculate accurate cost-per-resident day information across all product categories to create benchmarks for further improvement.” – Dean Eliason, Director of Purchasing

The Road Ahead
The focus area for Vroozi is to continue to simplify the purchasing process for its customers. For the future, the company has plans to add more Artificial Intelligence to its platform.

Knowing the Key Executives

Steve Olds, CEO – Steve is passionate about leveraging the latest technology to solve complex business challenges. For more than three decades, this passion has fuelled him to successfully build a series of information technology companies, providing services and products to industry leaders like Citibank, Diner Club, Accenture, and Motorola. This same passion now has Steve leading Vroozi to its next stage of growth.

Shaz Khan, CSO and Co-Founder – Shaz is responsible for making Vroozi the most scalable, efficient and easy to use platform in the B2B procurement space. After growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, Shaz went on to apply his own brand of innovation in the B2B industry for nearly two decades. During this time, he built and grew Ciena Solutions and Above Commerce, implemented numerous procurement projects for Fortune 500 companies and authored the SAP SRM Extended Classic Cookbook. Shaz received his B.A. in Computer Science and Economics from the University of California at Berkeley.

“We make procurement ridiculously simple, beautiful, and mobile.”