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Savvius: The Network that matters


Since 1990, Savvius has been developing hardware and software solutions that drive network performance, enabling organizations of all sizes to analyze, troubleshoot, optimize, and secure their wired and wireless networks. Savvius products are sold in over 60 countries through a broad network of channel and strategic partners. Savvius products are deployed in all industrial sectors, from SMB to 80% of the Fortune 1000. Customers include Boeing, Chrysler, Fidelity, Motorola, Nationwide, and more. Strategic partners include Aruba, Atheros, Avaya, Cisco, Intel, Marvel, Mitel, NetOptics, Motorola, Telchemy, Xirrus, and others.

Savvius sets the standard for real-time, actionable network visibility with powerful software and appliance products relied on by leading enterprises around the globe. Savvius solutions provide the unparalleled visibility into network traffic needed to rapidly and thoroughly resolve application and network performance issues. Savvius products are trusted by network professionals at over 6,000 companies in 60 countries around the world.

Products to empower network and security professionals


Omnipeek is more than an impressive collection of packet analysis, stats, and visualizations. With the best network analysis workflow in the industry, Omnipeek makes it easy to drill down, look across, compare, discover, and ultimately reduce your mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR). Omnipeek empowers engineers with rapid-fire analytics and insights so they can make the best decisions, quickly, about their network’s speed, application performance, and security.


Savvius Omnipliances, industry-leading intelligent packet capture and analysis appliances, enable real-time and post-event analytics on distributed networks at up to 20 Gbps. Built on years of Savvius packet intelligence, Omnipliance gives IT engineers the power to resolve issues with network performance and connectivity, multi-segment latency, application performance, data and VoIP quality, and much, much more.

Spotlight Appliance

Savvius Spotlight provides actionable network transaction-based monitoring, rapid root-cause analysis, and integrated packet-level forensics, unlike legacy solutions that provide analytics that are too slow, not actionable enough, or too cumbersome to generate. Savvius Spotlight is network performance investigations reimagined.

Omnipliance Ultra

It combines Savvius Spotlight for actionable network monitoring with the award-winning Savvius Omnipliance for packet data capture and analysis. Omnipliance Ultra captures network packet data and performs real-time monitoring at up to 20 Gbps with up to 128 TB of storage.

Omnipliance Ultra is the most powerful and comprehensive single-box performance monitoring and investigation solution available. With Omnipliance Ultra, everything you need to reduce Mean-Time-To-Resolution (MTTR) of network issues is included.

What Savvius offers for the network professionals?


As networks get faster, workflows get slower. Extracting the relevant data from today’s high-speed networks to quickly troubleshoot performance issues is critical to maintaining end-use productivity. The challenge is to go from a broad view of your network to a pinpoint view of any traffic anywhere in mere seconds, and then drill into the relevant packets to resolve issues, greatly shortening the MTTR.

The solutions provide network professionals with a more accurate and complete view of the network and ensure that trouble-spots can be identified and rectified before the business is adversely affected.

Network forensics

Network forensics enable organizations to realize the full benefits of 10G and 40G networks: high performance with the control and security IT organizations take for granted on 1G network. By investing in network forensics solutions, IT organizations can ensure that speed does not compromise the ability to respond to network outages, performance degradations, and security threats.


Ultra-fast wireless networks are delivering speeds up to 7 Gbps, and are getting faster and faster. Add to this the exponential growth of smart phones, hybrids, and tablets, and it is easy to see the importance of ensuring your wireless network’s reliability and uptime. WLAN analysis solutions that enable network engineers to monitor, analyze, store, and troubleshoot multi-Gigbabit-speed 802.11ac traffic are key to maintaining your wireless network.

Savvius wireless solutions are ideal for managing WLANs that span across a campus, or even across the country.

Security investigations

It’s no secret that enterprises spend a lot of time, money, and manpower on keeping their valuable data secure and away from the prying eyes of cybercriminals. The problem is that once data has been exfiltrated from the organization, security experts commonly have limited data at their disposal to investigate and resolve the issues.

Security investigators need packet data from days, weeks, or even months prior to when a breach is discovered. The company ensure clients to get the network data for security investigations.

Customer Testimonials

“I have a lot of tools, but Savvius tools are the ones I grab first. If you can look at data down to the bit level, why mess with anything else? I have them open all day, every day.” - CHIEF NETWORK ARCHITECT, healthcare provider.

“Omnipliance and Omnipeek make network troubleshooting much simpler, helping IT solve problems faster and keep vital services running.” - SAM MAUNTZ, DIRECTOR, SOLUTION SUPPORT, VOCERA COMMUNICATIONS.

Know the chief

Larry Zulch, President & CEO, Board Member

As president & CEO, Larry Zulch directs company strategy and execution into the network and security markets. Before joining Savvius, Larry was chief strategy and development officer at SQLstream, a big data streaming analytics software company. Larry has also served as president and CEO of Photometics, Inc., executive chairman and interim CEO of PLC Diagnostics, and vice president and officer at EMC Corporation. Prior to EMC, Larry co-founded Dantz Development Corporation, makers of data protection software, and served as its chief executive officer until Dantz was acquired by EMC. Larry has served on the board of directors of several companies, including FreeRange Communications, PLC Diagnostics, Cloud Engines, NeoLogic, and LESCO.

Larry received a BA in Economics from the University of California, Davis.

“Driving your business, revealing the truth, empowering your team — this is why SAVVIUS exists. Our sole focus is giving the world’s top network engineers exactly what they need. When they need it. Because today more than ever, the network truly matters.”