10 Best Mobility Companies 2018

Taking Mobility to Endless Possibilities: SOTI Inc.

thesiliconreview-carl-j-rodrigues-president-ceo-soti-2018SOTI is a proven innovator and the industry leader in simplifying business mobility and making it smarter, faster and more reliable. Making day to day mobility management easy lets the enterprise take mobility to endless possibilities, SOTI helps over 17,000 businesses around the world. SOTI has strong partnerships with hardware manufacturers, providing support for new mobile devices and operating systems well before the competition. It understands the unique requirements of its partner's industries, including logistics, retail, healthcare, education and field services.

SOTI: One Size Does Not Fit All

Business mobility may be pervasive, but not everyone goes about it the same way. SOTI realizes that every industry, in fact, every business has unique requirements. One size definitely does not fit all. We have leveraged years of experience across multiple verticals to deliver secure and industry optimized mobility management solutions. We deliver all the features required for each and every unique customer.

Field Services: Mobility is the bread and butter of the Field Services industry.  Field Service workers need their mobile devices to perform their jobs; communicating with the back office, executing work orders, finding the address and/or accessing schematics. SOTI makes deploying, securing, managing and supporting these devices easier.

Healthcare & Home Care: Like most industries, mobility is making a huge impact on healthcare and home care. Doctors, nurses and other healthcare practitioners are using their smartphones and tablets for basic communications, and also for clinical activities. With SOTI, healthcare practitioners can realize the full potential of mobility, without sacrificing security and privacy.

Retail: Mobility is changing the retail landscape, influencing the shopping experience, and touching every part of the value chain. In response to these changes, retailers are creating business mobility strategies. This includes more purpose-built and consumer-grade mobile devices to support their omnichannel strategy. SOTI provides a 360-degree view of mobility management across the entire retail value chain

Transportation & Logistics: The logistics and transport industries are seeing a growing reliance on mobile devices to improve customer service, reduce costs, and increase productivity. The downside is that more mobile devices also means; more complexity, more IT headaches, and more risk. SOTI eliminates risk and relieves those headaches.

Manufacturing: Mobile technology is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry from the outside-in; driven by customer service, and from the inside-out; required for process improvement. New mobile devices and endpoints integrated into key manufacturing processes require security and management. SOTI makes it easy to manage all the different types of mobile devices and their security, applications, and content.

One Platform Connecting Everything

SOTI ONE is an integrated suite of mobility solutions. Each solution works on its own to solve one of today’s business challenges, but working together, they help you reinvent your business to meet the challenges of tomorrow. SOTI ONE keeps your workers working, builds your apps faster, and makes it easy to secure and manage your mobile devices. It delivers intelligence and interoperability to deal with the explosion of new technology arising from the Internet of Things. When everything is connected, SOTI ONE simplifies it all and makes business mobility smarter, faster and more reliable.

SOTI MobiControl: SOTI MobiControl makes mobility management easy. It simplifies the security and management of multi-vendor, multi-form-factor and multi-operating devices in your multi-purpose mobility ecosystem – all through a single, easy-to-use interface.

SOTI Assist: SOTI Assist is the industry’s first help desk solution optimized to fix mobile device problems. The industry’s best remote control makes it easy to analyze and resolve mobile device issues from anywhere, at any time.

SOTI Snap: SOTI Snap is a cross-platform, rapid app development solution for business. It enables companies to build the mobile apps they need faster, cheaper and on time.

SOTI Central: SOTI Central is an online community for SOTI partners and customers to get answers from product experts, interact with each other and browse a library of products and services built around SOTI ONE solutions.

SOTI Insight: SOTI Insight is a business intelligence solution that makes it easy for enterprises to collect, aggregate and analyze data from mobile apps, mobile devices, IoT devices, as well as from enterprise applications.

SOTI Connect: SOTI Connect is an IoT solution that allows enterprises to secure, manage and connect to endpoints regardless of their communication protocol and operating system.

Testament to Success

“SOTI is a valuable Acosta partner. SOTI MobiControl addresses the mobile security and management challenges of Acosta’s current business, and delivers a solid foundation to solve our future mobility needs as the CPG industry evolves.”

- John Morales, Director Enterprise Support Services, Acosta

“American Airlines is blazing trails in our mobile initiatives. SOTI’s advanced security and remote control helpdesk tools will enable us to put the latest mobile devices into our clients’ hands to enhance the onboard experience, and into our employees’ hands to support the smooth operation of our airline with complete confidence.”

- Kimberly L. Jackson, Sr. Mgr Enterprise Mobility & Wireless Solutions, American Airlines

“Implementing SOTI MobiControl on 1,000 devices has addressed our requirements so completely that we are increasing investment in this solution to enhance coverage from 45 locations to over 180 locations across the country.”

- Daniel Matthews, General Manager, Systems Development Blue Dart Express Limited., India

Meet the Leader

Carl J. Rodrigues, President, and CEO:

“Business mobility has become a tool for business differentiation. Leading organizations are discovering innovative ways to harness the power of mobile technology to create lasting value. Operationally, wearables and IoT are creating new business models, increasing efficiencies, and making it easier for customers and businesses to interact. Strategically, the convergence of enterprise mobility, big data and analytics have the potential to transform your business with real-time, data-driven insights. When combined, these trends let you take your business to endless possibilities.”

SOTI has a strong focus on R&D and we are constantly innovating to do whatever it takes to keep our customers happy and successful.