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TECHLAB SECURITY SDN BHD The trusted partner for securing organisations in the ever-changing market place


The nature of information security keeps changing in a digitally interconnected world making organisations dedicate much time and effort in securing their IT systems. As they digitalize their business and make use of networked information, organisations leave themselves vulnerable to attack and data breach. The risks and impacts associated with the cyber attacks are increasing that can result in shocking security lapses and huge operational blunders. In addition to that, businesses from large multinational corporations to small franchises are embracing technology advancements in massive numbers. Therefore, the need to drive down operational costs, increase efficiency along with support for various IT needs and security is higher than ever before. This is where Techlab comes into the picture with the expertise to help organisations increase their bottom line and brand value while also protecting their customer’s operations security breaches.

Techlab was founded by a group of passionate engineers to meet the growing market needs for Information Security and Internet Gateway solutions. Initially, they observed and realized the fast-growing pace in IT security industry; also there were too many IT security providers and vendors aggressively proposing solutions without proper solution knowledge and customer service. In fact, the market has changed much. Even today, there are many vendors who just care about selling their products and solutions. As a result, many enterprise customers in Malaysia face this challenge of proper security deployment and features that don’t get utilized to the optimum level. When it comes to the implementation of Enterprise Security solutions, the human factor plays an important role in integrating company security policy and ensuring that the planned solution is being utilized effectively.

Techlab works with the goal to be become a specialist in services on IT Security by providing comprehensive details of deployment and consultancy to ensure that the objective of its customer’s IT Security is met. It makes sure that the “purchased solutions” meet the plan of its customers in both product features and security policies.

Empowering businesses with innovative solutions

Techlab aims to become an IT security engineering house, equipped with 80% engineers, offering continuous training and testing of equipment and tools. Along the years, Techlab played a niche enterprise security industry in providing solutions such as SIEM, SOC, Threat Intelligence, Database Firewall, MDM, Pentest, Security Forensic, ISO auditor, IPV6, etc.  Another unique proposition of Techlab is that it provides security expertise services, where it manages client SOC covering areas from deployment to creating client security policies and even incident respond.

Techlab envisions of being the leading provider of technology solutions that are superior, scalable, powerful yet cost effective. To achieve this vision, it has partnered with key leaders in the industry to source for the best solutions and offer them to customers, be they small or large organisations, and later follow up on comprehensive services, support and training programmes.

Meeting every unique customer need

Techlab takes a customer centric approach in which it customises the solutions according to client needs. The company believes that it should be a business enabler and support the way businesses run. Reflective of its growing customer base, it has increased its product and services range and has now established itself as a leading Enterprise Systems Integrator and Solutions provider. “Our commitment to you doesn’t end with providing solutions and services. It extends to training and empowering your team with knowledge needed on the day-to-day basis, and getting the latest updates in technology and know-how. That is why we conduct monthly complimentary training courses”, the company said.

Techlab’s customer services are divided into deployment team, policies auditor and customer planning. After implementation of a solution, the company invites its client to conduct a detailed inspection with the audit team ensuring proper utilization of products and features, as well as further proceeding the next phase of reporting, policies review, change on infrastructure/policies, maintenance. The review is conducted in a continuous approach, where the team meets the clients on a monthly/bi-monthly basis as a checkpoint to align customer objective against the purchased solution.

Techlab: A company with comprehensive abilities

Techlab differentiates itself in the industry with the help of its excellent team of security engineers. The team puts in its best efforts to provide a few levels of security services such as simple deployment, audit, resident engineers, managing SOC, etc. In Malaysia, many IT security players still play the role of just product suppliers in this industry ecosystem.

Recently, Techlab realised that Security Information Event Management (SIEM) has become a high priority for enterprise customers. It also noticed that customers were not able to effectively utilise the data and information generated by SIEM without the help of an experienced security analyst. Techlab quickly saw the gap and offered its valuable designed packages that help in managing customer’s SIEM, offering Residents Engineer, and providing Level 2 SIEM services.

Leading the IT security market

Techlab has a large resource of security engineer (currently 50 engineers). As a result of that, it is able to provide few levels of security services such as simple deployment, audit, resident engineers, managing SOC, etc. In Malaysia, many IT security players still play the role of just product suppliers in this industry ecosystem.

Its solutions and services are sought after by customers from different backgrounds. Most of its customers hail from aviation, mobile telco, banking, insurance, government, cloud services providers and utility companies. Currently, the company has about 400 customers from mid and enterprise level, and has provided about 90% renewal rate on its services from the past 10 years. This indicates that Techlab has successfully customised solutions to suit the needs of the niche industries it is present in.