50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2016

The Leading Cloud-Based Platform for Managing & Publishing Rich Product Information: Webcollage

“Webcollage is a global company, with headquarters in New York City, employees throughout the U.S. and Europe, a technology development office in Tel Aviv, Israel, and offices in the U.K. and the Netherlands. It has business relationships throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.”

Founded in 1999, Webcollage began as a software company that allowed manufacturers to tag assets on their own websites and syndicate those assets out into the retail channel. When it became evident that each manufacturer needed to invest in their own infrastructure to support the software, it switched from a software company to a SaaS (Software as a Service) company.

Today, with a library of 118,000 products across more than 1,000 brands, the Webcollage platform enables the seamless publication of enhanced manufacturer content to more than 300 retailer websites, reaching an unprecedented number of online shoppers.

Sole Focus on Technology & E-Commerce
Webcollage is solely focused on technology and ecommerce — a marketplace that is poised for explosive growth. This ecommerce growth, coupled with advances in mobile technology, has given rise to age of the omni-channel shopper. The path to purchase for today’s shoppers often includes online research on desktop, tablets and smartphones. In fact, two-thirds of all in-store purchases are a result of online research.
This makes it crucial for manufacturers to tell engaging product stories everywhere their products appear. That’s where the Webcollage platform comes into play, providing automated real-time content publishing, to help manufacturers take control of their product stories, syndicate content across retailer sites and provide shoppers with a consistent, satisfying experience, no matter where they shop.

“Our unique position as a SaaS company allows us to use the latest technology to build our features and functionalities. As the needs of the marketplace continue to evolve, we have the ability to consistently integrate innovative technology that provides manufacturers with the tool sets they need to maintain brand integrity and drive sales conversions,” said John Federman, CEO. “Our technology and automation truly set us apart. Our SaaS platform is unique and our coverage, both domestically and internationally is unparalleled. Simply put, we deliver the best, most intuitive, scalable, truly global solution. No other company can claim that,” he added.

The Webcollage Platform
Webcollage is a leading cloud-based platform for manufacturers to manage and publish rich product information across retailer websites globally. The platform ensures that no matter where a manufacturer’s product appears on retailer sites, it features the same quality images, videos, interactive tours, comparison charts, bullet point specifications, selling copy and other compelling content. It supports responsive design, to give shoppers a consistent experience on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Before this solution was created, a manufacturer had no control over their product stories across all of the retailer websites. Each retailer has a different content upload system and process, making it difficult, chaotic, time-consuming and sometimes impossible for a manufacturer to control product messages. With the Webcollage platform and global retailer network, the process is streamlined, allowing manufacturers to upload content once and publish everywhere.

The result is a win-win: The content publishing process is easy, intuitive and timesaving. Manufacturers maintain brand integrity and consistency across all websites and devices. Both brands and retailers sell more products online – by an average of nearly 13 percent – as well as in-store. Shoppers see better content and have deeper, more engaging buying experiences.

Customer Base
The company works with manufacturers large and small, across many diverse verticals — Consumer Electronics, Consumer Packaged Goods, Sports and Fitness, Software, Networking, Cosmetics, and Home Goods. Any manufacturers striving to maintain brand integrity can benefit from the Webcollage platform. More than 1,000 brands use Webcollage, including Samsung, Epson, Xerox, P&G, Nespresso, Seagate, L’Oréal and Mattel. It also partners with leading global retailers, including Walmart, Target, ToysRUs, MediaMarkt, Office Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, Wayfair, CVS, and Macy’s.

Customer Testimonial
“I’ve been impressed with how Webcollage continues to improve our customers’ experience with new technology. A terrific example is Image+, which we tested with TurboTax this spring. Image+ brings rich content to the top of the product description page and allows us to tell the story of TurboTax in an interactive way.” – Marketing Manager, Intuit

3M uses Webcollage to Publish Product Content that drives Conversions
Global innovation company 3M did a market study on consumer behavior to better understand what shoppers wanted from their online experiences. Data showed that nearly three-quarters of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that is providing them with the content they care about at the critical pre-purchase moment. Armed with information about what types of experiences shoppers’ desire, 3M began developing new and additional types of product content. Today, they use Content Publisher from Webcollage to incorporate 13 different types of rich content into product pages published across retail partner sites.

With Content Publisher, 3M consistently sees strong results when they add rich content. Monthly unit sales of one product grew more than 65 percent after 3M added rich content to its product page. Product ratings also have increased at 3M as the company uses rich content to educate consumers. Using Content Publisher from Webcollage, 3M is providing enhanced online experiences for shoppers that deliver positive change to the company’s bottom line.

Looking at the Future
Since Webcollage launched in 1999, its plans are consistent with how the company has viewed the marketplace Webcollage is always working to attain a deeper level of penetration across manufacturing verticals and geographies; there is always room for growth in these areas. Another focus area is finding complementary uses for its existing technology platform.

Meet the CEO – John Federman
John has more than 25 years of experience driving revenue and profit through innovative media, ecommerce, and retail platforms. Prior to Webcollage, John was a successful CEO at companies including Searchandise Commerce, eStara, Dotomi and AdSmart. John has a strong track record of building companies that meaningfully connect buyers and sellers to improve customer experience and increase online sales.