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With Strategic Direction and Tactical Approach, Trianz Is Helping Enterprises to Adopt Azure Cloud Services


It was back in the 1960s when an intergalactic computer network was first suggested and cloud computing was introduced to the world, and over the course of the past decade, it has completely transformed the industry.

The industry pundits have always predicted that someday cloud computing would definitely invade each and every vertical and the day has come, and it’s creating significant changes. To eliminate the basic IT headache of maintaining and updating systems and applications, enterprises today have started to depend on cloud computing applications; from creating a single document to storing gigabytes of data, enterprises rely on cloud applications.

To accelerate the digital agenda of enterprises for better business outcomes, Trianz is providing the strategic direction and tactical approach towards cloud adoption across public, private, and hybrid environments.

The Story So Far

It all started in 2001 in a small office in Silicon Valley when an ingenious mind, Sri Manchala founded Trianz, Inc. and opened its doors for business. What it may have lacked in square footage, however, it more than made up for in Manchala’s vision, sheer determination to succeed, and eye-to-the-future wisdom in developing constructive relationships, both with like-minded professionals and other forward-thinking organizations. His foresight in developing cloud-centric consulting services with talented colleagues, who would go on to join and help lead Trianz, and the company’s collaborative partnerships with firms like Microsoft, would eventually propel the firm into its current state as a 1500-associates strong, leading digital transformation organization.

Over the years, Trianz with its world-class work has proved its worth in the industry. It continues to attract top cloud, analytics, digital, infrastructure, and security specialists who are driving much of Trianz’ current work in helping businesses formulate and executes more effective operational strategies. And as a result of the cumulative efforts, enterprises today are achieving significant positive business outcomes. Over the past two years, Trianz’ exceptional client satisfaction scores in recent surveys indicate that the firm has helped businesses to rapidly improve and thrive—gaining ROI along the way— by transitioning to scalable cloud platforms that don’t require large equipment expenditures, can assimilate into existing architectures, and incorporate robust data analytics programs to measurably improve marketing, sales, and operational goals.

Also, Trianz was one of first firms to recognize that Microsoft Azure solutions provide more advanced, secure frameworks to support networking, database access, sophisticated applications, and analytics processes with increased flexibility, scalability, and reliability, among other benefits. As one of Microsoft’s fastest growing Managed Solutions partners, Trianz is garnering a well-deserved reputation among industry experts for its relentless pursuit of excellence. Shaping the company expertise around the services to better support its customers’ long-term goals, Trianz is a leading Microsoft Azure Solutions expert in the Azure Infrastructure Migration and Cloud Services domain today.

At Trianz, the in-house champion of Microsoft Solutions is Ira Horowitz, who has been instrumental in developing, growing, and leading Trianz’ Azure Managed Services Practice over the years. Now, as Vice President of New Client Relationships and Alliances, Horowitz combines a get-it-done leadership style with an engaging, positive demeanor that promotes collaborative work among the staff toward guiding clients on the most appropriate Azure solutions for their businesses. Having helped Trianz develop its current Azure services portfolio, Horowitz stresses Microsoft Azure as one of the largest suppliers of cloud-based SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS frameworks. Also, it has a reputation for being more nuanced with its products and approach, which in turn, adds some complexity to the digital transformation of existing legacy business operations.

“Our successful track record in Azure Managed Service relies on our resolute adherence to the due diligence necessary in evaluating customers’ existing processes, applications, and data analytics, among other operational activities,” says Ira Horowitz. “This approach is critical in minimizing surprises and avoiding expensive re-engineering while providing a holistic solution that lives up to expectations and offers continuous long-term gains.”

Overcome Business Challenges: Trianz’ Azure Infrastructure Migration Services


Trianz has recognized for some time that digitalization is ramping up an already tough competitive atmosphere for most businesses, especially from a global perspective. To put it simply, running a successful business means flipping the script on business processes and turning to digitalization to become more informed, more flexible, and more marketable. Trianz’ expertise in Azure Migration services helps enterprises to explore every avenue to get and remain ahead of the competition.

Trianz doesn’t just use Azure as a pass-through technology to strengthen an existing infrastructure or enable an infrastructure migration. Rather, it believes in using Azure to its full potential, augmenting Azure infrastructure migrations with innovative, scalable business processes that take advantage of Azure’s sophisticated migration, app development, compliance, and security toolsets.

Guided by the three tenets of digital transformation: Agility, Customer Centricity, and Data, Trianz uses a ‘business needs come first’ approach to empower Azure migrations.

When discussing Azure infrastructure migration services with potential clients, Horowitz and his team make sure that the organizations get a clear picture that modernizing and streamlining on-premises infrastructure to move critical workloads to the cloud still leaves some key challenges unanswered. These include lack of scalability, limited data availability, and ongoing issues with reliable backup storage, secure data access, robust disaster recovery, and redundancy. And the answer to all these challenges is Trianz that focuses on helping clients:

  • Become more agile and resilient to unexpected business fluctuations with digital frameworks that facilitate innovation for new capabilities, and create a rapid-release pipeline for moving ideas from inception to production
  • Build a more customer-focused enterprise, aligning business products, services, and touchpoints around customer requirements
  • Leverage data and data analytics tools to most effectively address these requirements through better decision-making capability

Going All In To Drive Seamless App Migration and DB Migrations

Optimizing the inherent capacity of Microsoft Azure, Trianz offers scalable, on-demand levels of processing power needed to solve the pain points. As a Microsoft Azure Managed Services Provider, the firm helps its clients to develop, plan, and execute strategies focused on extending infrastructure to Azure.

Specialized in leveraging the Azure App Service Migration Assistant, Trainz goes all in to help enterprises create, test, and deploy scalable web apps from Umbraco, Joomla!, WordPress, and Drupal on the Azure cloud platform – all at the click of a single button. The Azure Web App Service Migration Assistant employs comprehensive development tools, software kits, and virtualization to move large web apps to Azure along with their databases. Also, Azure’s pay-per-use model, flexible computing options, and efficient resources management decrease the overall TCO significantly.

A well-defined application migration and cloud strategy necessarily include an integrated database (DB) migration strategy, primarily because almost all apps today are data-centric. Trianz not only strategically plans and orchestrates the most effective Azure app and DB migration deployments but also ensures that the business value is delivered. The database cloud migration services by Trianz help clients reduce and eliminate hardware costs and maintenance.

To optimize operational efficiency, Trianz also speeds up database migration to 100% cloud or hybrid using Azure DB Migration Service. Its end-to-end Azure DB Migration Services include data migration from Oracle, on-premises SQL Server, relational and non-relational databases to the Azure Cloud.

Trianz’ Superior Managed Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Most of the startups today are starting out with a data-driven model in mind, cloud platforms and digital business processes from the get-go. Established businesses bring a legacy of complex processes designed around human interactions between business and customer.

To help both startups and longstanding businesses discover what their enterprises want to be when they grow up – from a digital, data-centric point of view, Trianz has deliberately developed its expertise in Microsoft Azure services.

Regardless of how the cloud is structured for both start-ups and existing organizations—using public, private, or hybrid architecture—Trianz stresses that digital transformation is a complex undertaking and, therefore, requires careful orchestration and collaboration. With the capability, experience, and bandwidth to deliver digital transformations and create more dependable decision support systems based on real-time information, Trianz has proved time and again that it is one of the most leading firms in the industry.

As a partner in Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program, Trianz helps enterprises to leverage the potential of Microsoft products to create new imperatives like Analytics, DB migration, DevOps using .Net Framework, SharePoint/exchange and DC migration on Azure.

Having a specialized team of Azure experts who work day in and out with clients to design and adopt Azure’s hyperscale public cloud, enterprise-grade capabilities, and true private and hybrid cloud offerings, Trianz enables its clients to achieve a wide range of benefits, including increased productivity, scalability and security.

Professional Principles Meet Outstanding Client Service

Trianz’ advanced Microsoft Solutions Practice teams possess a wide range of experience in many industries—Technology, Media, Finance, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Logistics, and the public sector. The company routinely recruits consultant professionals with subject matter expertise who understand the unique characteristics of various industries, specifically relating to operations, product/sales metrics, and reporting and compliance regulations, to name a few.

Trianz’ ability to provide on-demand computing capabilities through Microsoft Azure services—with security, storage, analytics, and other IT infrastructure services pertaining to these unique business needs—kick starts forward momentum within this technology paradigm.

One of Trianz’ key skills is in helping enterprises reconstruct their relevant business strategies to take advantage of the operational agility, efficiency, and cost benefits that Microsoft Azure Managed Services offers.“I and my team are committed to promoting the benefits that Trianz-as-Microsoft-Solution-Provider offers, with both new and existing clients,” says Ira Horowitz.

Having a talented management team that possesses a 16+ year track record of over 2,500 successful client partnerships and engagements, Trianz has grown exponentially from that first office in Silicon Valley. Trianz maintains a one-firm culture, integral values adhering to a common set of professional principles, commitment to client success, and global values. Its Digital Evolution philosophy and value proposition can be summed up in three simple phrases — Business Impact Created, Predictability in Execution, and Unique Client Experiences.

The Future Vision

Recently, American business magazine Forbes has named Trianz as one of ‘America’s Best Management Consulting Firms 2018.’ Trianz values this recognition and appreciates the regard and trust that clients continue to place in the firm.

Looking into the future, In addition to building up its in-house data analytics enterprise and to better serve customers in emerging markets, Trianz is planning to strategically expand its global presence. The current office locations of Trianz include Silicon Valley, Washington DC Metro, Rosemont, Chicago, Austin, Boston, Denver, Raleigh, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Dubai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Greet the Leader

Ira Horowitz, Vice President, Client Relationships: Horowitz is a seasoned leader with 10+ years of management and 17+ years of sales experience with in-depth knowledge in team building and sales execution. Prior to Trianz, he worked with MaXware International and IBM. Under his leadership, a new sales organization was established from the ground up for IBM’s new security division.

Horowitz holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Pittsburgh and is pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration from Monmouth University.

“With an ecosystem engineered around our focus on Digital Evolutions, we see challenges and opportunities through the client’s eyes, we replace consulting speak and complexity with simplicity and focus on results throughout.”