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10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Companies 2015

Company Management Description
AbbVie Inc Richard A Gonzalez, Chairman of the Board and CE A Global Bio-pharmaceutical company that combines advanced science, expertise and passion to solve serious health issues and have a remarkable impact on people’s lives.
Sharp Healthcare, Inc Michael W. Murphy
President & CEO
Sharp Healthcare is transforming the health care experience through a culture of caring, quality, safety, service, innovation and excellence
Sutherland Healthcare Solutions, Inc. Thomas Laur
Analytics-driven business process and technology solutions to optimize healthcare’s financial and clinical performance.
Influence Health, Inc Peter Kuhn, CEO Influence Health provides software that helps healthcare organizations engage and activate patients where they are, in a personalized way, for impactful outcomes.
Global Hawk Imaging & Diagnostics Dr. Shafi Ul Mulk, MD GHID belongs to the Mulk conglomerate group of companies, which specialises in telemedicines, imaging and diagnostics. GHID centers provide patient centered care through state-of-art, expert quality diagnostic and imaging services.
Innotas Kevin Kern, President and CEO Innotas was established with a vision of improving the IT management process by adding greater accountability, visibility, and transparency to the process.
CloudRay, Inc Venkat Nadipelly CloudRay specializes in providing IT healthcare solutions to various organizations.Their team establishes long-term partnerships with leading healthcare IT providers to offer product implementation, various system upgrades, system integration, and complete support/maintenance.
NewWave Telecom & Technologies Patrick Munis, President & CEO NewWave Telecom & Technologies, Inc, (NewWave) is a leading implementer of business solutions using service oriented technologies.
Pacific Global Inc Kumar Shwetabh, CEO A Responsible Healthcare Outsourcing Partner offering Cost Effective, Flexible and Innovative Outsourcing Services to its clients.
Reltio Manish Sood CEO & Founder Reltio Cloud delivers a new generation of data-driven applications and modern data management, guiding customers to take the right actions, based on the right insights, to achieve the right results.