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10 Best Mobility Companies 2018

A Solution That Covers the Entire Enterprise Mobility Needs: Cortado Mobile Solutions

thesiliconreview-sven-huschke-ceo-cortado-mobile-solutions-2018Founded in 2015, Cortado Mobile Solutions one of the best firms that creates enterprise mobility and file sharing solutions for companies, teams, and freelancers. Keeping the security requirements of companies as the highest priority, Cortado Mobile Solutions follows the philosophy that the combination of working with native apps and the use of operating systems’ own security architecture bring the highest levels of user acceptance.

Combined with the easy, secure management of mobile devices and apps with true mobile productivity, one of the important mainstays for the company is its on-premises solution, Cortado Server. The unique enterprise mobility solution combines the easy, secure management of mobile devices and apps with true mobile productivity. 

Cortado Cloud, the cloud variant of Cortado Server, enables mobile device and application management without requiring installation or operation of its own server landscape. The portfolio of Cortado is completed by Teamplace – cloud storage for teams, which is available to private users as well as companies, teams, and freelancers.

Headquartered in Berlin, Cortado solutions are developed and tested highly qualified professionals in Germany. Also, Cortado has experts at its other branch offices in the USA, UK, Australia, and Japan ensuring availability and support for all its global customers.

Product Tour

Solving all the enterprise mobility management (EMM) challenges with just one solution, Cortado Mobile Solutions combines the integration of mobile devices into its company with unique features for mobile file handling and file sharing.

Enterprise File Sharing (EFS) & Virtual Data Rooms (VDR)

Secure enterprise file sharing (EFS) is the basis of many business processes. Cortado provides the leading solution in this area. It enables employees easy, secure file access and exchange with any device. When collaborating with external colleagues, virtual data rooms are available – fully secure behind the corporate firewall.

  • Easy Enterprise File Access from Any Device
  • Maximum Productivity in the Secure Business Container
  • Virtual Data Rooms: Secure File Sharing Beyond Company Boundaries

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

It is an efficient mobile device management (MDM) that is characterized by its sleek and productive approach. Mobile devices are easily managed and become highly productive and this is due to three essential elements:

  • Integration into the existing Active Directory allows the direct use of all user information, including group membership and rights
  • Support for Android and iOS native operating system features avoids any overhead.
  • An HTLM5-based management interface makes administration so easy, even in the largest environments.

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Cortado has always focused on the native management capabilities of the mobile operating systems. Other providers’ approaches of adding a mobile application management layer have proved expensive, complex and also particularly limiting. With the features it offers, Cortado is the leader in native mobile application management.

Mobile Printing with Android & iOS

  • Use any network printer: People can use the familiar print function to print to network printers in the company. Also, each user can choose from the same printers available to him on his desktop computer. Settings like the number of copies, page range, color/black and white, and Duplex can also be selected right in the print dialog box.
  • Print from any app, anywhere: Cortado users print e-mails directly from the e-mail app, websites directly from the browser, and files from any other app with print function. Files from applications without a print option can be shared easily with the Cortado app and sent from there to the nearest network printer.
  • Secure Printing: The network printers are assigned using the existing Active Directory rights. As a result, employees using their mobile devices can choose from only those printers that are also available to them on the desktop. All print jobs are created in the company behind the secure firewall. SSL encryption provides maximum security of the print data on its way from the mobile device to the printer.

Mobile Security & Control

Cortado Server is based on a three-tier security concept. Mobile security is ensured on the device, during data transmission and when accessing the backend.

An important pillar is the full integration of Active Directory, which uses the existing rights also for mobile devices. This avoids the second level of duplicate user administration for mobile devices. Further pillars are formed with comprehensive data encryption, as well as focusing on just one access point for mobile device management, file sharing, and Microsoft Exchange.

A sophisticated password system ensures security is not compromised when entering passwords in public spaces, as well as authentication when in offline mode. Supplemented by extensive auditing, Cortado’s solution meets the highest security and compliance requirements.


Whether for service providers or IT departments – multitenancy makes managing devices and apps even easier and more secure. Customers or user groups can be managed as tenants via the central Cortado management console. The data of the individual tenants remain strictly separate from each other. Each group has a separate place and only authorized persons are granted access.

Happy Customers

“Employees are enthused, and mobile working is easier, faster and ultimately more environmentally friendly as paper documents are no longer required.”

- Andreas Rave, IT Administrator at Trede & von Pein

“We bought such a multifaceted tool in Cortado Server, one that gives us devise management, mobile access to data, and native enclosure of standard apps in one system. There are also helpful features like converting photos to PDF, which saves us many steps.”

– Jo Walsdorff, IT director at Primagas Energie

Meet the CEO

Sven Huschke is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Cortado Mobile Solutions GmbH. Having studied business administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Brandenburg, he headed the controlling department at Cortado. He soon became a managing director with responsibility for the area of finance and also joined the board of management with Cortado’s change in legal form to an AG in 2011.

“Whether on premises or from the cloud – Cortado solutions consistently focus on improving the user’s productivity.”