30 Entrepreneurs of the Year 2016

Health and Wellness company that reaches out to people irrespective of technology or media limitations:

“The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit.” – Morihei Ueshiba is exactly a year old company. The founders say, “We did a soft-launch last year opening the doors to family and friends of friends. We have not done any press outreach or large events until now. This venture was the brainchild of my partner and me. My partner Shaan Marker has always been a fitness enthusiast and practitioner. We used to keep meeting in gym and share our views on fitness and business in India. We felt there was a huge gap in offering curated and personalized offering in fitness industry on a scale. One thing led to another and within a few weeks we were convinced we had to take our idea to people.”

“For one, we are not a faceless entity. The brand is represented strongly by the promoters, the board of advisors, our employees and our trainers. We’re one of the rare players who offer products as well as services. Product curating is not a simple exercise as it demands greater involvement with a brand, which in the end makes our team more confident in promoting our partner brands. We don’t list any and everyone on our site. We’re focused to help people fight urban ailments and not just sell a random product. We want to initiate the change in health and wellness space by involved user adoption than mere one product sale.”

Fitness at its best
SuperFit in an Integrative Health, Fitness and Wellness Company that provides health & wellness related products & services. It is a click & mortar business having an e-commerce store as well as physical stores.

The company’s goal is to mitigate some of the major health risks that are part of living in congested cities like air & water pollution, radiation from mobile towers, sedentary lifestyles, depleted nutrient density and increased chemical content in the diet, lack of open spaces, stress and anxiety. It works towards offering curated, verified cutting edge solutions. Rather than providing a long list of products, it recommends the best product for the clients. The team works very hard to verify claims and efficacy so the customers don’t have to. The team says, “We wade through trials and research so that customers can benefit from the best available out there. We strive to understand you and make customised recommendations.”

We’ve also introduced our own line of products under the brand SuperGreen. These products include Bamboo Toothbrushes, Anti-Pollution face masks, wheatgrass powder, green teas and more. These will also be available very soon in retail outlets.

The future of
Founders words: “Our focus remains in reaching the corporate sector, because that’s where the urban Indian thrives. We have heard of several urban ailments come to the news and want to make employees take precautionary steps. Also, increasingly the corporate are inculcating healthy working habits and wellness programs for their employees. Our products and team of trainers are equipped to empower urban audience to take control of health in their own hands. Future focus like I have mentioned before is making health and fitness products and services available to smaller towns and cities. It shouldn’t appear this category is only for the evolved consumers.”

The client dimension
What’s interesting is that the category is spread across the country, breaking the stereotype of a fitness freak. The company receives orders from the interiors of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Gujarat in the same manner as any top metro. It wants people to think of fitness beyond gym and slimming down and focus on overall health and wellness for self as well our planet. Corporate outreach definitely will help them reach bigger communities in a more engaging way. Many Bollywood celebrities, Fitness gurus, sportspersons are its clients and order products from them regularly. They’ve also made in-roads in corporate like DuPont, Prime Focus, Master Marine Services and many more.

The clients are absolutely happy and thrilled with its services and offering. It has a customer care line where users can call them for clarification of products and their use. The physical stores help people to touch and feel those products and buy straight from the store or its website. The returning customers give close to 50% of sales every month. This speaks volumes of the trust they have in the brand and boasts of the rich experience that they offer. The company has been invited and it’s in talks with a billion dollar MNC who wants to bring on board as the health and wellness partner of its employees.

Meet the Fitness Masters

Shaan Marker, Co-Founder: Shaan has a highly individual approach to personal training, nutrition and overall wellness. As a co founder Shaan is very excited to be part of Super Trainers, Superfits very own line of personal trainers. His personal journey into fitness began with eating organic food, playing squash and training in over 36 gyms worldwide. That process shaped his philosophy in life, which is “unleash the Super in you!” Shaan has coached people of all levels, from the state level squash & rugby players to beginners.

Zubin Nalawalla, Co-Founder:  Zubin Nalawalla has over 12 years experience in Digital media across Social Media, Search Marketing, Client relationships and Strategy execution. His past work associations have been at Google, DraftFCB, Edelman among others. He Co-Founded LIQVD ASIA, the region’s first digital experiential marketing company in 2013. Zubin is equally driven by digital and fitness – both which drive equal passion in his life. When Zubin is not charting digital plans or bench pressing, he is behind the mic as an RJ on Mumbai’s FM radio.

“We strive to be the best. When our customers speak of, trust and quality comes to top of mind.”