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Net-Square: Meet the Experts in Information Security Domain

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.” – Ralph Marston

Incorporated in 2001, Net-Square is a company specializing in information security. Employing an innovative approach to information security and its cutting edge methodology, the company provides penetration testing, reverse engineering and information security audit services to help its clients discover threats, analyze risk and develop sound security strategies.

Over the years, the company has built many automated products and tools to help solve many issues connected with undertaking vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. These products and tools automate the task of protecting websites from weak coding practices while others help automate the task of testing websites in between manual testing process.

Net-Square has ensured that its employees always practice the highest morale standards. Net-Square expects a strict moral and ethical code of conduct and is happy to have enjoyed very high level of integrity, loyalty and dedication from all its team members. These values are instilled by the top management team who are leaders in the IT and Infosec space with valuable experience in building high quality operations.

Array of Services Offered

Net-Square offers unparalleled competencies in Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing helping you to accurately assess the risks posed to the IT infrastructure and work to put together a program to secure your business against emerging threats.

VAPT– Net-Square’s “Deep-dive” methodology in VAPT enables them to find “holes” which most others will miss and which the bad guys will exploit and pose threat to business.

Reverse Engineering– Whether it involves testing thick client solutions or doing exploit analysis, their ability to perform static or dynamic binary analysis is an advantage for you.

No Stone Left Unturned– With its unique methodology to leave nothing to chance, the company will be able to assess risk in an entire business process across operations, people and technology.

Security Architecture– Success in securing applications and IT infrastructure is achieved by designing them right. Net-Square Senior Management team provides a collective expertise to helps you put the most cost effective security program.

Code Review– By conducting security review of your application using a manual inspection, which guarantees zero false positives; Net-Square will be able to provide you with insights into the “real risk” associated with insecure code.

Net-Square’s genesis has been in the extensive research done by it’s team on the new exploits and attack vectors and the urge to go to the bottom of every vulnerability. Very often this deep insight has led it’s team to help customers in filling up the holes found by Net-Square during it’s testing.

Attack and Defense Training– Committing the IT professionals of an organization with quality and advance attack and defense training, has become a vital component to go a long way in preventing or lessen the cyber attacks.

Customized Training in Secure Coding– Secure Coding Training for Applications takes a very pragmatic approach in designing applications with proper security requirements. Secure coding practices and an emphasis on security risks must be integrated into day-to-day operations and development process.

Extreme Web Hacking– Extreme Web Hacking is a brand new class designed with one goal in mind – achieving mastery over web application penetration testing.

Net-Square’s SOLUTION
With their knowledge and research that flows their professional services is channeled into evaluating whether a problem or challenge faced by the Information Security team in a client Organization can be solved through a tool.

Server Defender VP– Server Defender VP is a Web Application Firewall, which helps protect IIS based web sites with its salient features, making it truly world class shrink-wrapped information security product.

Nstar– Nstar is an ad hoc security testing management product to manage and organize findings from security testing and generate extensive reports of the findings with its unique scoring technique.

Epass– an Enterprise password assessment solution, is an appliance offered as a service, for automatic and regular assessment of password strength for a wide range of systems.

“Our vision is to be recognized as an expert in providing innovative solutions to help clients manage application.”

Knowing the Mastermind

Saumil Shah, Founder and CEO
Saumil has been a career Information Security Professional and is also the founder of Net-Square. He with has more than fifteen years of experience starting from system administration, network architecture, integrating heterogeneous platforms and information security. Saumil has led the evolution of Net-Square’s capability from doing Network audits to application pen testing to performing hybrid attacks testing which also includes performing social media threat evaluation.

As CEO of Net-Square, Saumil leads the delivery team at Net-Square. He is instrumental in defining the well-oiled methodology of vulnerability analysis and code review, which have become industry benchmarks. He is also the architect of the products evolving our of Net-Square stable. His passion for breaking things has made him Net-Square’s Principal Trainer. Through the last ten plus years while leading Net-Square, he has personally performed numerous VAPTs, code reviews and security reviews for many large companies. And through those exercises, Saumil has found many “zero-day” vulnerabilities himself. He has also build many training programs and delivered them to corporates. He also has an annual speaking and training engagement at conferences such as Blackhat, RSA, Hack-in-the-Box, IT Underground, CanSecWest, EUSecWest, Hack.LU, etc.

“We believe that in the fast changing environment of Information Security it is important to continuously do research on the emerging threats.”