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Setting the benchmark for guaranteed customer satisfaction: Vee Technologies

“With offices in Bangalore, Salem, Chennai and New York, Vee Technologies has set high standards of customer service and has established some of the smartest methods of combating the challenges posed by the BPM industry.”

Today’s organizations are grappling with market changes, regulatory changes, changes in customer behavior, escalations, price reductions, and quality expectations. This requires constant focus on the customer and the market in order to respond to the high demand areas. This is when they look at a BPM (Business Process Management) company.

Traditionally, companies have looked at the bigger BPM firms as they provide stability, reliability, security, and scalability. But in today’s fast-paced world, companies are also looking for flexibility. Companies are looking to BPM vendors to adapt quickly to their ever-changing requirements. This is where companies like Vee Technologies are fast becoming the company of choice.

Vee Technologies is a company with a 100-year-old heritage. It works with both Fortune 500 companies and mid-sized companies. Having its own university of 10,000 students and 200,000 alumni makes it highly scalable. It is one of the first HIPAA-certified companies at the global level.

The differentiating factor of Vee Technologies is its ability to adapt to customer requests faster and more efficiently. The Vee model is designed for meeting the needs of customers with increasing flexibility, which is why it is structured around building blocks of teams comprising 15-20 people who form the fulcrum of the work team. This helps to keep the essence of team work in place, like in a small company, while having the secure umbrella of a large company.

The head of one of the largest hospitals in the U.S., based in Baltimore, said, “When I have a change request, I have to tell you guys once and it gets done and done right. I cannot tell you how easy working with Vee is when compared to the companies I have dealt with in my 20 years of work.”

Vee Technologies, founded in 2000, with headquarters in New York and technology hub in Bangalore, India, is a global business process management firm that helps companies realize the real benefits of BPM by

implementing the best practices in the field that will eventually contribute to sound financial management and provide feedback on how well an organization is succeeding in meeting its goals. The company delivers total back-office processing solutions to help organizations of all sizes reduce costs by allowing them to focus on their core business.

By working as a trusted, extended arm for customers with their critical and strategic processes, Vee enables organizations in a wide range of industries to achieve their most critical business objectives faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Unique approach to business

With operations that run 24*7*365, Vee offers niche transaction process services built around a 360⁰system of quality. This reduces the touch-points and cycle time and increases the quality and security of each transaction. It has led the company to achieve Six Sigma levels of quality which are fortified by numerous quality and security certifications.

Vee Technologies has a unique advantage of having a sister institution in Sona University. Stemming from 60 years of educational experience,  it has branched out to training in a drastically diverse approach.

Vee approaches training through a gamification method. Here students come to learn three different levels of the game-Explorer, Discover, Conqueror. The trainee plays the games. The play is captured in a LMS (Learning Management System) where they are mind mapped. The scores go to their coaches and mentors and Vee is able to address the weak areas.

“The Back office and Business Process world is normally not the bread and butter for our customers- But for us it is our bread and butter. We focus on the work flow process innately and while we work on client systems, we try to make change minimal for the client. We always wanted to have a common platform to have their employees trained and work in. This also enables us to have key metrics and work parameters presented to us as we want. As these figures are KEY to us, not as much to our end customers, this led us to build VeeProMIS. So, in the morning when an employee logs on, he or she sees the urgent and important tasks that need to be addressed. This in normal processes will be inundated among the mountain of details”, said the team of talented executives at Vee Technologies.

Quality is always Paramont

Customers always demand that we maintain high levels of quality. Vee Technologies took this a step further and put the quality levels on the contract as Service Level Agreements. These are clearly defined. Vee exceeds the expected quality level and gets a bonus based on a slab. Similarly, if Vee under performs, they have the same scale and get a cut in the pay. Vee literally puts its money where its mouth is, as there is as much as 12.5% for us to – lose or win. Training and education never ends at Vee; by embracing the Kaisen approach to Continuous Improvement, the company ensures that clients receive – on average – a 98.9% accuracy rate in the work entrusted to them.

Vee Technologies works on two primary areas- Healthcare and Financial Business Process Management and the Engineering Design Services. They take the business process and migrates the process and ensures quicker turnover of the work and maintaining quality. This enables the clients and customers to reduce the variables and convert the fixed cost to variable costs. For the customer, Vee is able to increase ownership and monitor the SLA, without reducing the control.

Customer is key

Vee believes in the following:

“Customer is the key and we pride ourselves in offering maximum value for our clients. We are so focused on the customer that for one of our customers, who we have been working for a number of years, we noticed that out of the five processes we were doing for them, some could be automated. We went to them with a plan. They then look at us and said, do you realize that you will – lose23% of your revenue with us. We said we realize this, but in good faith we expect that you will give us some more business in other areas. This is the zeal we focus on adding value to outperform our customer expectations. This is a prime reason in that in the recent survey in Fortune 500 magazine and International Association of Outsourcing Professional Vee Technologies aced the customer satisfaction score.”

The Brand Promise of Vee Technologies is Extraordinary Outcomes.

Here are three examples of extraordinary outcomes:

A large hospital was implementing a major systems change. This meant that their team would need to be trained on the new software and process changes. They searched for the right partner to staff for them and saw that the revenue flow would ensure that the lights stay on. They chose Vee as their partner. Vee went in and managed to keep their legacy system intact, without compromising. Their expectations were exceeded. They then asked Vee to start going after their legacy outstanding collections. Once the system implementation was over they said that, though their original objective was to engage with Vee on temporary basis, they have been exceedingly happy with Vee’s work and want Vee to start working on the new software and be their long-term partner.

A leading Insurance vendor TPA was outsourcing their work of 4 different processes to a vendor 60 miles away from Chicago. They were happy with the vendors output and quality. But their vendor could not transcend to many other services. They went through the vendor selection process and selected Vee. Vee today successfully manages 28 different processes for this client. Six years later, the vendor called the client and asked them about their new vendor (Vee). They tell them that they are extremely happy with their services and are not looking at moving anywhere. The vendor then called Vee and said, “This TPA was our most critical client. And looks like you are exceeding their satisfaction. Can we outsource our work to you?”

An inventor in Sweden had an idea that he could heat and cool paraffin wax from waste heat and produce power. Vee, first built a test bed to test the expansion properties for different wax compounds after which they built the heat exchanger with flanges and the system. Vee was able to build a successful power generator that produced power from waste city heat that is available in Scandinavian countries. This was a new industry, a new project, and a path-breaking idea. The client was extremely delighted that Vee Technologies’ engineering services team combined with the Sona University team was able to produce extraordinary outcomes.

“By always striving for excellence, we enjoy five continual areas of improvement:

We achieve a higher level of performance from all our departments and project teams across each of our business units.

Our state-of-the-art resources and competent teams deliver top-of-the-line systems and administration management.

Systems and Processes
We deliver on time and exceed quality expectations by utilizing powerful hardware coupled with our own proprietary software systems.

Infrastructure and Facilities
Workflow groups around the globe seamlessly access project data and metrics information 24/7 using our state-of-the-art ERMS Vee-In4Suite.

Fortified Networks and Access
Our internal systems are impregnable, safeguarded from intrusions and protected from possible attacks.”