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The leader in ‘Secure Networks that flow’: Stratus Video Interpreting

“When You Want To Succeed As Bad As You Want To Breathe, Then You’ll Be Successful.” – Eric Thomas

Having recognized the need for better communications between cultures and languages, particularly in specific markets, such as healthcare and the courts, where a lack of understanding can create significant problems for people, Stratus Video Interpreting was set up in 2011 to attend to the needs of those who use technology in their daily business lives.

Its cloud based video teleconferencing technology is fully interoperable with all existing systems including Polycom, Lifesize and Cisco-Tandberg and can utilize all mobile platforms including PC/Mac iPad, iPhones and Android devices.

Hundreds of businesses and agencies as well as major Healthcare facilities deploy its technology that is based on the concept originally applied at ZVRS, the video relay interpretation service for the deaf and hard of hearing. Today, Stratus’ technology-based approach enables full interoperability and mobile connectivity for interpretation on smart devices such as PCs, Macs, Androids, iPhones and tablets.

With specialties that include Video Remote Interpretation, Language access solutions, Interpretation, Spanish, Healthcare, Government, American Sign Language, the Florida based company provides clear private video communication in multiple verticals including healthcare, government and Fortune 1000 companies.

Implement easy to use and customizable solutions
Trusted by individuals and corporations large and small, Stratus is a language access company that provides interpreters over video, audio, and in-person. For years, its innovative application-based approach is changing the way interpretation is delivered. Stratus’s core market lies in the customers’ everyday businesses. This not only helps the customers’ businesses to grow exponentially, but also helps them save time and money.

Stratus’s Solutions include:

  • Stratus Audio
    With the one device integration facility, Stratus Audio calling can be added to the Stratus Video application, meaning that one only needs a single device to place audio and video calls. There is no need for an additional analog phone line. When a call is placed to Stratus Audio, a bilingual concierge will answer in 6 seconds or less and assist the user to determine in which language assistance is required, and will not begin billing until the actual interpretation begins.
  • Stratus Video
    Making it possible to reach a qualified interpreter in 30 seconds or less, 24x7x365, the Stratus Video application can be loaded onto any Tablet, Smartphone, Desktop or Laptop, and our interpreters can be reached over WiFi or 4G. With the highest video call volume, onsite video call centers and complete ADA compliance.
  • Stratus Mobile
    Stratus Mobile is a video remote interpretation product with built in encryption that is ideal for remote offices, clinics, and traveling nurses. With Stratus Mobile, private, HIPAA compliant calls can be made over public wifi and 4G connections, making it an ideal solution for remote offices, clinics, and traveling nurses. Stratus Mobile functions just like the Stratus Video product. All of the encryption happens on the back-end so that all the provider has to do is push one button to connect. All of our interpreters are held to the same high standards, and service is available 24 hours a day.

Applications and Software Downloads
On signing up for the corporate account, one can access the Startus On Demand Interpreting App. Once activated, this Stratus account can be accessed on all devices and platforms, including Mac/PC, iPad, iPhone, and Android Smartphones/Tablets.

Stratus InPerson
Using Stratus InPerson, one can now send interpretation requests directly to local interpreters. By offering a direct connection, the Stratus InPerson application reduces overhead costs and offers more value for less. With Stratus InPerson, one can schedule and manage both contracted and employed interpreters from one platform. One can also visibly see interpreter availability, credentials, and job history along with interpretation session length, cost, and location all in one place. All of the information one needs is now in one convenient location, making management easier and more efficient.

Know the Leaders

David Fetterolf, President
David has 22 years of experience working for healthcare information technology and service companies. He earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University and a Masters of Business Administration from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Maureen Huber Chief Financial Officer
Maureen joined the Stratus team in August of 2015. Ms. Huber has a Bachelor of Science from Michigan State University and is a graduate of Michigan State University’s Executive MBA Program. Ms. Huber received Crain’s CFO of the Year Award in 2011 and was honored at Vista Maria’s 2012 Celebrating Women Event for her achievements and community involvement.

William Cobb General Manager
William received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Alfred University and has been at the forefront of telecommunications technology during his 23-year career, gaining in-depth knowledge on developing, launching and supporting data communications products. He brings a unique set of technical, product, business development and senior management skills to Stratus.

Stratus is now on the Apple iTunes Store!
Stratus turns your iPad2 or new iPad into an on demand video interpreter. With Stratus Video Interpreting your iPad becomes a high quality video phone for remote language interpreting via video or over the phone. The Stratus Video Interpreting application can be customized to show the languages needed at your hospital or business.

The iPad needs access to the Internet via WiFi, 4G or WAN to connect to the Stratus Video cloud network.

Currently, the Stratus Video Interpreting application supports video remote interpreting and integrates with any over-the-phone language service provider.