30 Entrepreneurs of the Year 2016

“We are the market leaders in India in all natural dog treat market.” :Khanal Foods

Founded in 2015, Khanal Foods Pvt Ltd is the first company to bring All Natural and Human Grade products to the Pet Industry.

Making people aware of the quality and brands of food for the well-being of their pets, Khanal Foods Private Limited with their premium brand ‘Dogsee Chew’ is making a revolution since its inception. Facing the challenges in making people aware of quality pet food/treat in India, it was tough initially as Pet Parents were not aware that some of the best-known brands do not produce quality pet food and compromise on dog’s health. Soon, with sheer dedication and his love for pets, Bhupendra Khanal (Founder), came up with Khanal Foods & Dogsee Chew and never looked back.

Making their presence felt in cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Shimla, Khanal Food is working on exports and have plans to enter the United States and APAC very soon as part of their overseas expansion.

Meet the Entrepreneur

A dream venture of Bhupendra Khanal (Bhupi), a serial entrepreneur, who began his entrepreneurial career with Analytics consulting company Marketelligent, as its founding member (now sold to Brillion), and Social Media Analytics company Simplify360 as co-founder and CEO. Currently a market leader in its category in India, Simplify360 has offices in India, US and Singapore. Bhupendra came out of Simplify360 by bringing new CEO and started Khanal Foods for the love of dogs, a passion for food and affinity for the Himalaya.

…And this is how Bhupendra came up with ‘Dogsee Chew’
Raphael Saadiq has once said, “The way to stay inspired and motivated is by doing what you like, doing what you love.” Success follows you automatically if you are in love with your work. A successful Analytics professional and an unbeaten owner of an analytics company, Bhupi took an exit after successfully heading the company for 7 years to follow his dream of doing something in the food industry for dogs. Widely known as a hardcore technology & an analytics guy with a lot of love for food & dogs, his journey on this path started when he came to India to pursue his Engineering and since then has been settled in India.

Walking down the memory lane, Bhupi remembers “It was while on a trek in Elam, a small district in Nepal, I found local stray dogs with shining furs, perfect teeth & overall with a great amount of energy. When interacted with the villagers, they revealed that these dogs often chew on ‘Churpi’ that villagers sometimes throw out or don’t use. This came as quite a surprise to me as Churpi or Hardened Yak Milk Cheese is something that we have known & ate all my life but never thought of as dog food. And after doing a little more research later, ‘Dogsee Chew’ was born!”

Product Offerings
Widely applauded for producing Pet Food focusing on Pet Chews, Treats and Supplements, the company takes pride in offering its premium and popular product Dogsee Chew Bars, which is their best selling product and is super hard to chew. It is 3 times harder than the bones that cleanses dog’s teeth and removes tartar and plaque.

Using the power of technology at its best, the company first focuses on the production where worldwide commended methods are implemented to construct and manage the supply chain, aided by best technology products. They also use Technology products for HRM, Finance, Media Management and Marketing Analytics tools, with a solitary reason to have absolute precision and transparency at all stage, while mounting the efficiency of the organization.

The company produces Yak Milk based Chews for dogs. The chews are healthy, natural and also highly nutritious with good content of calcium and other minerals, which is the greatest contributor strengthening dog bone. This quality there has enabled them to become one of India’s fastest growing companies in the Pet Supplies industry covering over 20 states in 9 months. For future, the company is in strategic plans come up with Cookies, Biscuits and Treats.

Pioneers in the Pet Industry
Wearing the title of being the first company to bring All Natural and Human Grade products to the Pet Industry, Khanal Foods is ahead of starting the quality revolution in India. As they stand witness to low-quality products having low-grade ingredients or high chemicals as preservatives which harm dogs. This also causes as a chief reason behind the death of dogs between the age of 8 and 10 years, while they should have lived for 4-5 years more.

Delighting the Pet Owners
Serving an impressive client base, the company reaches out to retailers’ directly in Bangalore and also sells its offerings through distributors in 19 states of India. Some of their distribution or retail partners include JustDogs, Companion Pets, Paws The Pet Store, Satyam Agencies etc.

Currently working on building partnerships with Pet-Friendly resorts and Restaurants, Khanal Foods targets Pet Supplies distributors, Veterinary hospitals and clinics, Pet Shops and Retail chains.

Satisfied Owners
“We cannot be happier to be the distributors of Dogsee Chew, the best dog treat products in the market today. It is very rare to find commercial dog treats that are healthy as well, and Dogsee
Chew is just that, a ‘treat’ that’s healthy too!”Varun Sood.

“Finally healthy and nutritious dogs treat. Dogsee chew is free of grains and preservatives that make it safe for my dog. Cheese is a great treat for dogs and mine is super happy to get Dogsee chew treat!”Mallika Seth, The Dog Canine Behaviourist & Trainer, Bangalore.

“My Pomeranians loved the treats and I cannot be happier to collaborate with
one of the best and healthiest dog
treats provider in India.”Shekhar, Navya Enterprise, Bhopal.

“We are working to bring natural and healthy food, and thus help pet parents to have their pets for longer time.”