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Instagram casts two layer authentication and a new rule to blur out “sensitive” content

The Photo Sharing App which is immensely popular due to its amazing features is stepping up in terms of protection for its users by enlisting two factor authentications. Instagram continues to gains ... Read More >>




Why your phone's pattern lock may not be safe

Most of us use various security measures on our devices, ranging from a simple 4-digit pin code to a complex-looking pattern. Assuming it to be the safest, most users prefer the pattern as their secur [....]


Apple fixes bugs in iOS, macOS and Safari

Tech giant Apple recently  updated macOS Sierra to 10.12.3, patching 11 security vulnerabilities and addressing a graphics hardware problem in the latest 15-in MacBook Pro laptop. Well, that not [....]


Tesla’s Autopilot Tech Has Made Its Cars 40% Safer

Tesla’s new Model S and Model X vehicles are equipped with what the company calls Hardware 2—a more robust suite of sensors, cameras, and radar and software that will enable them to (event [....]


A caution! Do not search for peeping Tom elsewhere when he is right beside us!

We have heard studies on Psychology, and social media and many others which are normal to do… but have you come across a study that involves snoopers who look into the private stuffs of their c [....]


Zuckerberg testifies in Oculus trade secrets trial

Today, Mark Zuckerberg took the stand in Northern Texas District Court to defend Oculus against accusations of copyright violation and trade secret theft. At the heart of the case is whether key  [....]


India wants more information on WhatsApp privacy policy

India’s Supreme Court has sent a notice to the central government, telecom regulator TRAI, as well as Facebook and WhatsApp. To infringe social networking sites WhatsApp and Facebook for its use [....]


‘Backdoor’ feature in WhatsApp may leave your private messages and photos vulnerable to interception

The Guardian newspaper has reported that the popular messaging platform WhatsApp is vulnerable to interception, sparking concern over an app advertised as putting an emphasis on privacy. The report sa [....]


Is it true that internet has penetrated only to handful of the Indian population?!

A study claims that 950 million people in India are yet not connected to internet….well, you might be awestruck to know the truth, but yes this is the fact which is difficult to digest…. [....]


WhatsApp took a step to beef up security by adding two-step verification for Android beta users

Social networking giant and one of the popular messaging app WhatsApp has now started rolling out two-step verification for the latest Android beta versions of the app. Users will now see the new Two- [....]


China espouses strong law on cyber-security

In an effort to reduce cyber-crime, China recently adopted a tough cybersecurity law aimed at safeguarding sovereignty on cyber space and national security, and to deal with related risks at home and [....]

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