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Google Chrome soon to fetch integral ad-blocker

The giant ‘Google’ is planning to break down on unnecessary ads, which areregarded as bad by users, even if they come from Google Ads. And to make certain that user don't see these bad ads... Read More >>




No Worries! Mobile Apps are Now Secured

If you are an avid WhatsApp user, you surely noticed the recent encryption disclaimer following one of your recently sent messages. But what does this notification actually mean? This encry [....]


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg attacks Donald Trump’s rhetoric

Mark Zuckerberg has launched an implicit attack on Donald Trump, sharply criticising the Republican presidential front-runner’s rhetoric on immigration and trade by citing “fearful voices [....]


Researchers say that attackers could use holes in Firefox add-ons to target your PC

Researchers from Northwestern University discover how an attacker could write a malicious Firefox add-on that takes advantage of security holes in other Firefox add-ons to do its bidding. It goes with [....]


Korean government announces a new policy to accelerate cloud computing in the country

Speaking at a cloud computing conference in Korea, the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning have announced that it will be running a number of initiatives to increase the adoption of cloud com [....]


Its impossobile to crack TeslaCrypt ransomware now, researchers say

The latest version of the TeslaCrypt ransomware has tidied up a weakness in previous versions that in some cases allowed victims to recover their files without paying a ransom. While, the Cisco’ [....]


Facebook, Google and WhatsApp plan for a robust encryption of user data

Leading instant message service providing companies – including Facebook, Google and Snapchat– are working on their own increased privacy technology as Apple fights the US government [....]


Amazon’s move towards payment space, applies for e-wallet licence

Online shopping giant ‘Amazon’ in an aim to build its presence in the payments space has applied for a semi-closed wallet licence with the RBI. A central bank committee is expected to revi [....]


Malware hijacks big four Australian bank’s apps, steals two-factor SMS codes

Millions of customers of Australia’s largest banks are the target of a sophisticated Android attack which steals banking details and thwarts two-factor authentication security. Commonwealth Bank [....]


Now Kaspersky Lets You Control Your Phone’s Antivirus via Your Smartwatch

Kaspersky Lab unveils a new version of Kaspersky Internet Security for Android that, in addition to offering improved performance, speed and protection quality, includes an option for managing protect [....]


IBM all set to purchase cybersecurity firm Resilient Systems

IBM Security plans to acquire private cybersecurity firm Resilient Systems, the computing giant said, as part of a move to expand its role in the incident response market. The sale comes amid a consol [....]

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